Where’s the Beef?

During pregnancy and postpartum - while breast-feeding - women can experience some pretty wicked cravings!  It's really important to thoroughly examine these cravings.  It's the body's way of communicating that we need more of something.

Sometimes a craving for sugar can be remedied with an increase in protein.  It's the cravings that get stronger and louder that we really want to listen to… You might be a vegetarian who suddenly starts having a craving for meat that persists.  Rather than ignoring or turning to fast food.  Seek out good quality locally farmed, grass fed (hormone free) meats and have a little bite.  Start adding fresh bone broth to your veggie soups and stews.

Listen to your body.  Do you feel better, more nourished after eating what you were craving?  If yes, include more of it.  If no, this craving is signaling you of some other imbalance.  After being a vegan for 13 years, my body asked for good quality clams and salmon during my second pregnancy.  Next craving came while breastfeeding, and so I had my first local, grassfed (hormone free) burger in 20 years!  My body said YES!! Uh-oh, I'm officially kicked out of the vegan church. Stay tuned... 🙂