What’s a Mama to do?

The very nature of doula work is so unpredictable.  The sooner I embraced this, the more ease of flow through sometimes sharp transitions (from my day-to-day operations) into the birth vortex.  This type of work most certainly chooses you, more often than you choosing it...

"And with great power comes great responsibility..."

In many ways its a lot like parenting.  There is just no way to truly be prepared for each stage of development your child will go through.  Somewhere along the way you develop the grit and where-with-all strength to do what needs to be done.  Every gifted mother bears witness to the simple truth that, there is no sinking... only the myriad of ways to go about swimming-- and staying afloat.

Next week our beloved child-care provider goes on vacation for an entire week.  What's a mama to do?  MOMS AT OM STUDIO to the rescue!  If you haven't discovered MOMS AT OM Studio, it's truly a gem of a resource for families.  The teachers are great with a variety of classes that cover ages 6 weeks - Teen Yoga.  That's where we'll be most mornings next week so join us for a playdate!

Spotlight on FULL TERM Labor Contractions App. This app will help you time your contractions and create a report that you can email to your Birth Team.

Spotlight on ENVOY Grocery delivery service from Whole Foods or Trader Joes to your front door step.  This is a great option for families during that first six weeks postpartum.

Spotlight on Licensed M.F.T. Tiffany Howsam .  There is so much change that comes with starting a new family.  Tiffany is a gifted practitioner who focuses on "The New Mom's Well-Being."

Baby Charlie has arrived!  Born on June 23rd.  Mama and Baby are doing well.  Congratulations to Lauren who continued her pregnancy yoga and pilates practice at MOMS AT OM Studio through her entire pregnancy!!!

Hope to see you on your mat soon! 🙂