The Perfect Meltdown

Shifting Moods

By: Keya Nkonoki / November 11, 2012

Step 2:  Move the energy.  Take a walk.  Pound a pillow.  Do Yoga.  Jump up and down.  Move your body!  Sweat it out!

We all have situations that challenge us to the point of UNRAVEL.  I LOVE this Thich Nhat Hahn quote:

“Anger is like a howling baby, suffering and crying.  Your anger is your baby.  The baby needs his mother to embrace him.  You are the mother.  Embrace your baby.”

This week I had the perfect meltdown when I started having car trouble at the most inopportune time.  Suddenly the frustration with my car took a viral turn into frustration with the whole day!  This MINOR car incident was fast becoming a MAJOR outbreak, if I didn’t take the time to STOP and SHIFT GEARS.

The Perfect Meltdown:

Step 1:  Try to get CLEAR on what you are angry about and that it is OK for you to be angry.

Step 2:  MOVE THE ENERGY.  Take a walk.  Pound a pillow.  Do Yoga.  Jump up and down.  MOVE YOUR BODY!  SWEAT IT OUT!

Step 3:  RECOVER.  Embrace yourself.  Sit still.  Meditate.  Listen to your inner guides.

Step 4:  SHIFT GEARS.  Find the silver lining.  Move forward in healthy communication with yourself and all others involved.

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