The Great Cleansing

Soul Journey

By: Keya Nkonoki / September 7, 2010

As you embrace the new and release the old, it can feel as if your whole foundation is being pulled out from under you, but always remember you are being guided and supported.

This information was channeled through one of the light workers on the site:

My dear friend Melia shared this information with me when things in my life started to stir up pretty quickly. It helped me make some sense of the chaos and thought it was worth sharing:

The Great Cleansing:

This week will see you doing more of the same. It is the time of great cleansing upon the Earth and within every being upon her. This is a momentous task, as you can well imagine, for it requires that your Individual Support Teams work with each of you constantly to assist and facilitate the greatest amount of growth and expansion in your consciousness so that you may quickly take your rightful places as the multi-dimensional beings that you truly are. This growth can take many, many forms and lessons and oftentimes leaves question marks in your minds as to what is actually happening. Trust that all is as it should be and connect deeply into your hearts, to get in touch with your deepest truth and all will be well.

We understand that as each of you are being tested by this cleansing, many emotions surface that you believed had already been dealt with and so it may seem as if no progress is being made. We say to you, Dear Ones, that much progress is being made if you could but see the whole picture. Trust that all that is occurring for you right now is exactly what should be occurring and feel everything out with your deepest heart space, for in everything, Love is the answer. Find your balance and equilibrium by intending the highest and best outcome and give it over to your God Self. Have faith and trust that this is part of the greater plan for your life in these changing times.

Moving DEEPER:

If all stayed “perfect” according to the third dimensional standards (concepts) , then what would spur you to move deeper? We say to you that all are being spurred in what ever ways necessary, to move deeper and this is what all the issues taking place right now on earth are about-a moving deeper into the realization of your oneness with all that is. This is a huge shift, movement out of metaphysics and into mysticism. Big Step for mankind and you are ready

In metaphysics you work to attain dollar bills, health and home. In mysticism you realize that you, in your real identity, are the energy that appears outwardly as these things. You can never be separated from your true home because your home is Divine consciousness, this realization (not intellectual knowledge is the first step)
then appears outwardly as…

These are difficult but necessary lessons as you first move out of what you have been taught and always believed to be the end all of truth. As you embrace the new and release the old, it can feel as if your whole foundation is being pulled out from under you, but always remember you are being guided and supported.

Take it deeper. Take it deeper, dear ones and soon you will understand. This is our message to you. Gradually you will come to see why and how you are here, and it has nothing to do with having more money, possessions, or beauty (concept) of the body.

We love you and support your journey. You are strong and powerful beings of light.

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