Prenatal At Om - July 2016

“Through two pregnancies, Keya has been an inspirational and calming figure, as my prenatal yoga instructor. I started going to her prenatal class in 2009 and found her to be incredibly helpful for my changing and growing body. She always guided me through each class, achieving a more positive and excited outcome. I enjoyed my pregnancies even more because of her. She is always helping pregnant women connect with one another, and has outstanding advice for preparing to manage labor and birth. She’s extremely knowledgeable with years of experience and I’d highly recommend her yoga classes as well as her doula services.”

Jen T.
Prenatal At Om - April 2016

“Keya is an amazing instructor! I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and I have taken prenatal yoga with several instructors and Keya is by far my favorite! I go to her classes in Culver City and Mar Vista and enjoy every minute of the experience! She is very hands on and helps you with the poses, her classes are perfect for any level of fitness and at any stage of pregnancy. She is great about modifying the poses so you don’t feel intimidated if you’re not quite the yogi you used to be pre-pregnancy. Friendly and relaxed atmosphere.“

Pavlina A.
Doula Client - Aug 2017

“Keya was beyond helpful and supportive. She continually spent extra time with us in order to address all of our areas of concern with such care and kindness. Due to her calming presence, I went into my birth with much more confidence and security. She allowed me to envision the kind of birth I hoped to have, while also adopting a flexible attitude. Once the time of my birth arrived I was both calm and excited about the arrival of our baby. (It is important to note that a few months prior I was completely terrified of birth as I contemplated an elective c-section to avoid labor anxiety. There is absolutely no way I could have conquered this fear without Keya. Once she arrived at my labor she provided exactly the motivation I needed in order to push myself through the increasing discomfort and exhaustion. Her balance between gentle nurturing and persistent encouragement allowed me to make it further into my labor without medical intervention than I would on my own. Furthermore, she supported my partnership with my husband as we became closer through my labor. We are both so grateful for her presence at our birth and we are planning to use her for our second birth this February. Finally, Keya is an incredible prenatal yoga teacher and I attribute her very effective kegal regimen to my very short push time. Thank you, Keya!”

Stella B.
Partners At Om - Birth Prep - Sept 2017

“My husband and I went to Keya’s Partners At Om PLAYSHOP about a month ago, and it was absolutely amazing!!! Keya is a real professional who explains everything in a simple way, makes everyone feel comfortable adapting exercises and answering all the questions. Keya has a lot of experience, so she explained all of our questions and concerns regarding birth preparation, delivery, pair exercises during contractions, breath techniques during delivery, etc. As she worked as a doula in many places she gave all the couples useful feedback and recommendations about birth places they chose for delivery. In our case we weren’t happy about our obstetrician, so she helped us with another one in the same hospital and now we are super happy with the new one! Moreover, Keya is such a positive-energy person that there are no chances you won’t like her classes (including partners!) or leave them with doubts. She promises 100% but gives you 1000%! It’s a pity I found Keya just now, I wish I find her on my 1st-2nd trimester to have a chance to visit more yoga classes and workshops with her. Thank you, Keya, from me and my husband for such a fantastic experience! Absolutely recommend!”

Anya P.
Doula Client - Aug 2017

“I could not have gotten through labor without Keya nor would I want to even imagine her not there with me! She got to my house at the perfect time and helped me start to dance my baby out. Her coping tools and labor navigation not to mention overall warmth and nurturing nature was exactly what I needed. Consider yourself lucky to have such a beautiful soul at your birth”

Christina T.
Prenatal At Om - Jan 2018

“I attended Keya’s pre-natal yoga classes once a week for almost my entire pregnancy. She has such a great energy and I would have gone everyday if I could. I credit her classes with putting me in the right mind space to give birth and to help me work through all my anxieties. Plus, as my mobility decreased in trimester three, and everything started to hurt, I felt so much better after each class. After a lot of discussion, my husband and I decided against a doula, but for anyone looking for one, I think Keya would be the perfect choice.”

Xiyun Y.
Prenatal At Om - Feb 2018

“I first had the pleasure of meeting Keya in a prenatal yoga class at YogaWorks. I’d previously been to another similar class at another location and was disappointed. There was just a bit too much feeling your inner child, lets prance around to mantras for my liking. Keya’s class was the complete opposite, and nothing over the top. She’s super grounded, personable and the class focused on breathing, positions to help an achey mom and great music. In fact, I liked her so much we took a pregnancy workshop with her (which we LOVED). So for those who are hippie-(ish), like our family, but don’t want to sit in too much oming and incense. She is the perfect go to! Highly recommended!“

Sue Z.
Doula Client - Jan 2018

“Do you need a doula? Yes, yes, and yes! Especially if you don’t have another woman supporting you in the birthing room. Your husband can only support you so much when they don’t really know what you’re going through. Is it worth the money? Absolutely, especially if you can’t afford a midwife and have to go with whatever your insurance covers. Having a doula gives you the support you need in a medicalized birth setting. Do you need Keya as your doula? A thousand times yes!!!! Why? She is extremely professional. She will support you in ways you didn’t know you needed without you having to ask. This was my second childbirth and I still hired Keya because I really wanted an unmedicated birth and I knew I needed female support to get there. Unfortunately, things didn’t go my way and after a very long labor I ended up with an emergency c-section. The experience would have been much more stressful and scary without Keya there to support me. She helped me process my feelings about the loss of my ideal birth plan. I also had many stressful things happening in my life during my pregnancy and she kept me focused and grounded so I could stay calm for my baby’s health. My only complaint about Keya is that I loved her too much! Lol after our last visit it was like I lost a friend. I honestly wish she did even more postpartum support because she becomes part of your life and you will miss talking to her.”

Monique D.
Partners At Om - Birth Prep - June 2017

“We Loved the PLAYSHOP! It was a perfect balance between practical theory and fun. We have been to another labor class which we didn’t enjoy very much – it felt outdated and out of touch. Your class was really informative about the stages of labor, exactly what happens and useful tips on how to cope. You gave really helpful advice and guidance to partners in a way that was inclusive and showed just how important and influential that support role is. We also both really enjoyed all the great massage and comfort tips – especially the one with the rebozo sheet. I’m very lucky to have a supportive and engaged husband. The other labor class we attended treated the partners like they were clueless and a bit useless. It didn’t speak to how we are as a couple. We walked away from your class feeling even more connected and like a strong team.”

Natalie & Chris
Partners At Om - Birth Prep - Nov 2017

“We loved the Partners At Om Playshop! I think my husband Evan was a little uncertain about coming since we’d already done a childbirth prep class at UCLA Santa Monica, but afterwards he said that he loved it and thought it was more fun and informative than the hospital class. We plan to use the “birth cave” meditation, assisted lunges, birthing ball techniques, hip pressure, and rebozo sifting. It felt great to move in sync with one another, especially with our due date so soon on the horizon.”

Lily & Evan

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