Partners At Om - Birth Prep - June 2017

“Really great experience! The couples yoga was a treat and not something we have ever done before. To be honest, my husband thought it was going to be super long and boring, but he ended up enjoying it a lot. We plan to use the Lunging (together), rebozo scarf, hip squeeze, tailbone push, ball rolling, and heating pad for our labors. We had a small flood in our house before the workshop, so we came into the class frazzled, but were pretty happy and connected by the end of it. Everything that was presented was really valuable!”

Erin & Eric
Partners At Om - Birth Prep - June 2017

“It was so great! Very nice to be around other pregnant couples second time around and to do something new as a couple. Pretty much all of the comfort techniques and tips were helpful! It inspired me to use the ball more at home and to think about what foods to stock up at home on for labor. We both enjoyed doing the yoga portion together. Andrew asked if you do any couples yoga classes? He would love to do more yoga and he liked doing it with me and in a way were we got to connect with each other too. We could obviously go to any yoga class together but you would be great at teaching a special couples yoga class for both pregnancy/post pregnancy we would go!”

Corey & Andrew
Doula Client - Jan 2017

“Excellent. I am so indebted to your expertise and calm. And can’t thank you enough for helping me at my most vulnerable. From pressure on my sacrum to acting as an advocate at the hospital, your support was tremendous. You helped us make a lot of decisions, that were very stressful for us, and always listened to our desires without judgment. My son’s birth didn’t go as planned from the beginning because I needed to be induced, but you helped me stay positive and focused, In the end, I didn’t feel angry at the circumstances, but rather grateful that my husband, you, and the nurses supported my best efforts and empathized with me. My husband was also extremely thankful for your guidance in terms of next steps in the process and in terms of comfort measures.”

Ellen G.
Doula Client - Sept 2017

“Wonderful. Throughout my pregnancy you were supportive and provided such wonderful resources and information to me. I felt ready and at ease about having a natural childbirth prior to deciding to be induced. As you know, a lot happened during my induction prior to your arrival with the blood pressure scares. But you created a space for me to process all that had happened. A space that was calm, like a Japanese spa ;), and filled with love. It was the exact environment that I wanted my son to enter the world, with or without the interventions. I truly believe that this is why I have such a positive birth memory even with all the scares. Thank you Keya.”

Tara C.
Doula Client - Sept 2017

“Your presence was so calming, amazing and helpful. I am so grateful you were there during a very intense, very long labor. You were so encouraging and supportive, but also absolutely able to go with the flow when I made my decisions. I felt like I was constantly supported even when after the 40th hour (!) the labor involved medical intervention. You made me feel confident and in charge of the process, when I could see how easily it could have felt chaotic and out of my control. I am hoping to have you in my life again for future support!”

Hye-Young C.
Doula Client - Sept 2017

“Your support was so incredibly helpful – both in preparing us for what was coming, educating us in a way that my OB didn’t, and helping to keep me out of the hospital for most of my labor! I would have been at UCLA on petocin and an epidural from 5am that Sunday morning until the baby came. Also – your knowledge of what was going on with my body during labor was super helpful and very calming. I felt safe.”

Ali H.
Doula Client - Sept 2017

“You’re support and care was an absolute blessing. We felt as well prepared (as you can) for Labor and during labor your presence alone was extremely comforting. We feel so fortunate to have had you as a part of our journey.”

Alix C.
Doula Client - Sept 2017

“Wonderful experience during our prenatal visits. I felt so comfortable with you. The birth was incredible with you. I felt supported and strong with you by my side. You provided great tools for relaxation and staying present.”

Kelly F.
Doula Client - Aug 2017

“At our prenatal visits you were very warm and easy to talk to also very informative. As far as Birth goes, I could not have done it without you nor do I even want to imagine not having you there! You just made it all better. I had full trust in you and your abilities to sooth me during contractions and the standing with bent knees with you was a definite tool that helped me. I loved the aromatherapy and all the other extras as well. Your very nurturing and a true professional. Thank you for staying as long as you did to make sure our little wild man was ok.“

Christina D.
Doula Client - Sept 2015

“We are amazed by your grace, knowledge and support. Knowing you were with us on our journey made me feel confident that my voice was being heard and that the choices I was making were right for me and my family. Which you are now part of xo.”

Sonia C.

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