Doula Client - Sept 2017

“From the moment Keya arrived at my door for our introductory meeting, I knew I wanted her with me and my husband as part of our childbirth journey. She has an incredible energy and personality that are warm and engaging. Her prenatal yoga classes were the best yoga classes I’d ever experienced–not just “good for prenatal yoga”, but best yoga classes, period. She knows her stuff and is a wonderful teacher and guide. During the labor, she was a true gift. She gave gentle, yet confident suggestions that helped my labor progress and helped manage the pain; she anticipated my needs and gave me just what I needed exactly when I needed it (shout out to the TENS unit!!); she respected my desires and my energy, flowing with my ever-changing moods; she stepped up and stepped back when needed, to allow my mother and husband to have a role; she celebrated me and my beautiful little bugaboo when the labor was over… In a word, she was magical. I truly could not have had such a beautiful and successful birth experience were it not for her.”

Rebecca R.
Doula Client - July 2016

“Keya was my doula for the delivery of my first child. Having a positive and ideally natural hospital birth was very important to me and so we decided we needed a doula to be there with us through the process. We could not be more happy with Keya or more willing to recommend her services. With Keya I was able to deliver my son naturally. She helped make it possible for me to labor 24 hrs in the comfort of my own home. After we went to the hospital he was born just 3 hours later. Keya provides comforting and powerful support throughout the birth process. She helped us create an informed birth plan and prepare for labor and delivery. She is very knowledgeable and has all kinds of great tricks up her sleeve to help during labor. She helped me stay calm and grounded, made sure I stayed hydrated, and as comfortable as possible. My husband also loved her. She was there so he could rest when needed but also made sure he was always included and able to help support me. Keya also provided great postpartum support for our family. It did not stop after our baby was born and her insights and experience were very helpful and appreciated. I also cannot recommend her pregnancy yoga classes enough. I started the classes early and went throughout my pregnancy. I always felt great after class. Keya would find out our discomforts and specifically focus on those areas during class. I feel that regularly attending her yoga helped me stay more comfortable and healthy during my pregnancy and labor. Once at the hospital my baby was born pretty fast. The doctors and nurses were amazed and I believe it was all that pelvic floor work, breathing and yoga strength from her class. If we have another child I would definitely be back in her prenatal yoga and be using her doula services again”.

Gabrielle F.
Doula Client - Jan 2017

“Keya was both my doula for the birth of my first child 8 days ago, as well as my prenatal yoga teacher in Mar Vista (which is how I initially met her). I also took her Partners At Om PLAYSHOP! She is a luminous person, incredibly talented doula, engaging educator, and just an overall badass. I took Keya’s prenatal yoga class starting at my 18th week of pregnancy through my due date and loved her teaching style – every class was different and she would put together yoga sequences on the fly depending on the feedback of the class. She also cultivated community amongst the mamas in the class that I found very valuable and reassuring. As a doula, Keya was a critical part of the success of my baby’s birth. My 18 hour labor was incredibly painful for multiple reasons, including having a very large baby. I was also committed to delivering my child naturally. I truly could not have navigated the contractions without Keya’s guidance and coaching. She is a pain shaman. I was able to get through the most painful experience of my life without drugs because of her skills. Also, my labor would have been longer if not for her carefully working in tandem with my midwife to understand the progression of the baby’s movement downward as well as my dilation, and strategizing labor positions and exercises to help keep my labor progressing. Coming away from my birth with both a healthy, happy baby AND the feeling of empowerment and satisfaction of giving birth on my own terms is everything to me; a completely transformative experience. I’m so grateful to Keya and I recommend her passionately!”

Zoe G.
Prenatal At Om - Feb 2018

“This is a review for Keya’s prenatal yoga class and Keya’s Partners At Om PLAYSHOP. I started going to Keya’s prenatal yoga class from the 1st trimester onwards. I was specifically looking to do prenatal yoga and after looking at Yelp reviews I signed up for the prenatal yoga with Keya once a week. I think that was one of the best decisions I made during the entire course of my pregnancy. The prenatal yoga classes were just what you want for your pregnancy. The pace and poses will not tire you out and yet at the end of the class you feel your body has had a good work out. I remember most of us in the class kept continuing up until the final trimester. There were those who were there in the 38th and 39th week. There is a positive vibe in the class and you feel especially connected to your baby and with all the other expecting moms and their babies. I have also been able to connect with other moms in the class (even after my delivery) and this would have otherwise been difficult for me as I work from home. My husband and I went to Keya’s Partners At Om PLAYSHOP and it was a rewarding experience. I would definitely recommend all expecting moms to sign up for this. We decided on not having a doula for the birth of our child. We had decided on delivering our baby at the hospital with the help of a OB-GYN and for us, Keya’s workshop and inputs were invaluable. The playshop is designed to help pregnant moms and their partners on preparing oneself for birth and delivery, learning exercises during contractions and different breath techniques during delivery. The icing on the cake is a very informative Q&A session. Keya comes with tons of experience in this field and she definitely knows the system well (Hospitals – Pros and Cons, Induction procedures that hospitals will generally recommend pros and cons for them, Self Advocacy, etc). This information is extremely useful if you would like to do your own research and advocate for yourself once you are in the hospital. In our case too, we weren’t happy about our obstetrician, so she helped us find another one in a different hospital and we were happy with the new obstetrician. I was induced for labor and from being 0 cm dilated and 0% effaced, I went into 10 cm dilation and 100% effaced in 8 hours with just Cervidil. The hospital staff believed I was only in early labor (when in reality I was in active labor) and was strongly recommending Morphine to help me with pain management. Apparently Morphine is a respiratory inhibitor and you don’t want that in the baby when he/she comes out so it’s usually given during early labor as it has a short shelf life. We really did not want the morphine because of its effect on the baby. They pushed it really hard, but I was insistent on not taking it in spite of the excruciating pain. Also, while I was going through the crazy pain in the hospital, the only thing that kept me going forward was the breathing exercises and the hip squeeze (that we learned from Keya’s workshop) that my husband would do for me for every contraction which was for the whole 8 hours of my labor. I managed the pain one contraction at a time and thanks to that I was able to say NO to morphine and eventually could manage the labor without the epidural (though I really wanted it)! Thank you Keya from me, my husband and our little one for all the help you have given us. This is my first ever Yelp review but totally worth it for anyone who would need Keya’s help just like I did! Absolutely recommend!”

Prathiba R.
Postnatal At Om - Bodyshop - March 2018

“Thank you so much for the space and time and healing today!”

Ellen G.
Postnatal At Om - Bodyshop - Feb 2018

“Loved it! Thank you!”

Postnatal At Om - Bodyshop - Feb 2018

“This was SO needed! Thank you!”

British W.
Postnatal At Om - Bodyshop - Feb 2018

“Thanks for leading us through a peaceful and strengthening afternoon.”

Tabitha G.
Postnatal At Om - Bodyshop - Feb 2018

“I LOVED this workshop! Please take advantage of Keya’s amazing energy and use it to rejuvenate and get connected with your bodies! I really recommend this, and there was a great bunch of mamas there last time to boot!”

Melanie M.
Postnatal At Om - Bodyshop - March 2018

“It was so wonderful being there, Keya! Such great energy and inspiring group! Looking forward to the next ones!”

Rita M.

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