So what’s NEW with you in 2013?

We are almost half way into 2013!  I was driving along thinking of what NEW things I’ve started so far…  First on the list is this refreshingly delicious and SUPER NUTRITIOUS “Macaccino” Smoothie!  It’s a part of my ALL NEW HO2 CLEANSE FOOD & RECIPE LIST for 2013.  My last re-write was waaaay back in 2011!  A lot has changed on the health scene since then, so apparently I had a lot to say because it went from 8 pages to 17 pages.  What I thought would take just 2 days, took almost TWO WEEKS. LOL!  [lots of good, productive procrastinating was going on - wink wink 🙂 ] But I am very happy with the finished product, and I believe you will be too!

Second, I started teaching a NEW DETOX FLOW yoga class inside Whole Foods West Hollywood’s LifeStyle store!  A gracious THANK YOU to the amazing Whole Foods STAFF who have been so supportive in getting the word about about this special class.  In 2013, you can get your HEALTHY GROCERIES & YOGA all at the same place!!!

Third, I’ve been doing daily PUSH-UPS – something I generally avoid like the plague!  I have been quite comfortable doing my yoga vinyasa – chatturanga to UP-DOG flow for the past few years and just said to hell with a PUSH UP.  Well, I must admit that I do like a challenge – and when my boyfriend challenged me to do 20 pushups with him after our yoga practice, I giggled my way out of the room, mentioning something about it being too late in the day for a PUSH UP!  Ha!

Fourth, I took my very FIRST MAT PILATES class.  I started teaching pregnancy yoga at a PREMIER PILATES studio.  Since I’m there every week, I thought why not try out PILATES.  I LOVED Gaida’s 7:15AM Mat Pilates Class.  It’s for all levels and she worked our CORE really well!  Perfect compliment to yoga. 🙂

And finally coming up in just a FEW WEEKS, I’m so excited to be a part of a 6-week CREATIVE VISIONARY GROUP led by Inspired Life Coach, Jessie May!  A LOT OF NUUW TINGS GWON HERE! (in my Jamaican Patwa voice)
It’s not too late to join this months HO2 CLEANSE GROUP!  Just BUY YOUR KIT NOW then EMAIL ME to sign up.  Next Month’s group starts on the LUNAR NEW YEAR Sun, Feb. 10th! 

Blessings and light to you now and always. 🙂