Sneak Peek… Partners at OM Playshop this Saturday!

Hi Mamas!

Here is a SNEAK PEEK VIDEO of me sharing one the sacral massage technique's we doula's use with couples in our last PARTNERS AT OM PLAYSHOP!  Our next Playshop is this Saturday, October 24th from 3:00-5:30pm @ MOMS AT OM STUDIO.  This month's theme is "Birth Easy Breathing."  One of my prenatal students at MOMS AT OM STUDIO asked, "Question:  Can this playshop substitute lamaze class?" -- Answer:  You definitely want to take a child-birth education class to learn the nuts and bolts of labor, however, many of these classes don't have time to focus on comfort measures for labor in the way we do in our workshop.

Each month we drill down on one particular theme.  This month's theme is Birth Easy Breathing.  Scroll down to see testimonials from past participants. Please CLICK HERE to read a little more about the workshop and to register now via online payment!  **Note:  You must use Safari or Firefox browser to open the link above.  Google Chrome will give you an error message.**

Many of you have asked me for music to populate your BIRTH PLAYLIST.  I've started working on a Frequently Asked Questions page on my website and will be adding music here for your enjoyment.  Please have a look and send me other questions you would like to see answered here.

Are you a Princess or a Queen-in-Training? Take a peek at this great little video blog perfect for the postpartum period!

Hope to see you on your mat soon! 🙂