Safe Abdominal Exercise — Postpartum

Day 3:  It's surprising how little is communicated to mom's about safe abdominal exercises for postpartum recovery.  I only learned about the importance of checking for diastasis (abdominal separation) during my 2nd pregnancy in 2014.  I've been teaching pregnancy and postpartum yoga the past 10 years and so I'd like to think I'm good at it…

It turns out I've been teaching students incorrect postpartum exercises. 🙁  Sadly many teachers are misinformed on this topic.

I'm thankful to be teaching in one of the best Pilates & Movement Studios on the West side with kick-ass teachers who have shared a wealth of information with me on diastasis, including how to diagnose and rehabilitate it.  I also recently attended a special "Restore Your Core" workshop for mamas led by the lovely Lara Catone.  She spoke at length on this topic.  If you are unsure about dia-who? dia-what? diastasis, take a look at this simple handout for home practice and give me a holla for more information.