Just on the other side of LOVE is FEAR.  So anytime you make a decision to BE in LOVE, RISE in LOVE or DO in LOVE, FEAR surfaces.  This is natural.  What’s most important is how we respond to the FEAR.

This month I’m practicing “getting intimate with my fears.”  I’m reading Pema Chodron’s book: When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult times.  She says, “usually we think that brave people have no fear.  The truth is that they are intimate with fear.”

So how do you get intimate with fear?  You feel the fear.  Acknowledge it.  Then have the courage to go through with whatever you were going to do anyway.

Don’t let fear STOP you from following your HEART SONG.  Being afraid to step blindly onto a street full of moving cars is a NATURAL instinctive fear that can save our lives.  Being afraid to step into a NEW way of LIVING, LOVING or DOING, is a fear that we must learn to embrace and be intimate.  Then go out on a limb!

I’ve been practicing yoga with a beautiful teacher who often reminds us (in inversions) “when you feel like you’re falling, you are perfect.”  This saying holds true both ON and OFF the mat.

To FOLLOWUP our Lunar NEW YEAR (NEW MOON) celebration TOMORROW, Sunday Feb. 10th @ MOMS AT OM STUDIO, I will be teaching a SPECIAL FULL MOON MEDITATION WORKSHOP (for both men and women).

We will be doing a series of special meditations and yoga for HARVESTING a FULL, ABUNDANT SPIRIT in LOVE - using the energy of the Water Snake.