Pregnancy yoga can shorten your labor!

This is a RE-POST because the link was bad in my previous post:

Happy Valentine's Weekend Mamas! Did you know that a study in Taiwan shows that pregnancy yoga can significantly improve birth outcomes?  Have you read the study that shows Pregnancy Yoga Relaxation Techniques can significantly reduce pain and reduce the length of active labor with increased satisfaction with overall childbirth experience? How about the study that shows that the use of a Birth Exercise Ball can significantly decrease pain during labor? Special thanks to pregnancy yoga student Jenny L. for sending some of this valuable research my way! GRAB ALL THE RESEARCH IN THE LINKS ABOVE -OR- on the MOMS AT OM Private Facebook group

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 I'm excited to lead another POSTNATAL AT OM BODYSHOP Level 1 and Level 2  at MOMS AT OM STUDIO on Sunday Feb. 21st and 28th!  Come connect with other new mamas!!

  I hope to see you on your mat soon. 🙂