PARTNERS AT OM Playshop & Danish Parenting!

I'm having so much fun creating a playful space for couples to connect and tune in to their baby!  This Saturday's session will combine yoga, breathing and comfort measures for early labor, with a focus on simple-birth hypnosis techniques that work.   We will be meeting from 2:00pm-4:30pm, Saturday, Sept. 26th at MOMS AT OM STUDIO!  We have one opening if you'd still like to join. 🙂

Postpartum baby blues is real and having a new baby can put a big strain on a couple's relationship.  The combination of sleep deprivation, limited access to healthy outlets and a newborn baby's high needs, can bring the most solid person to their knees.  It helps so much to be listened to and validated.  But where can you turn when you are not leaving the house yet?  And if baby is older, where do you find the time to schedule your own self care?  Talk therapy can be a wonderful outlet for individual and couple's therapy.  Seek out an MFT in your neighborhood.  I love Tiffany Howsam if you are on the westside and able to get out of the house.  There are also fantastic ONLINE THERAPISTS that you can meet with, from the comfort of your own home, while baby is napping.  

What have you found helpful to keep you balanced as a new mom?  I was talking with a Venice Mama today and she loves the book, "The Danish Way of Parenting" The guide to raising the happiest children in the world.  If you are breastfeeding, my doula friend, Erica Chidi Cohen of  The Mama Circle suggests reading, Balancing Breast & Bottle and Work, Pump, Repeat.

Hope to see you on your mat soon! 🙂