My secret formula for beating the cold bug!

Natural Remedies

By: Keya Nkonoki / November 27, 2012

I put on my music, and before you know it my kitchen was ALIVE with spice, heat and LOVE!  I felt stronger.  I felt happier.

I woke up on Thanksgiving Day excited to prepare a little something for my friends and fam – only to discover that my itchy, scratchy throat that I had been sovereign-silver-ing, had progressed into a CONGESTED blocked nostril, puffy eyes and way more than I bargained for.  DAMN!  I got bit by the COLD BUG.  I immediately shifted into DETOX mode:  NETI POT, Sovereign Silver drops around the clock, Rosemary Steam, GREEN JUICE and good old fashion SLEEP!

Listen closely friends, THIS IS HOW YOU DETOX your COLD / FLU bug out of your system in just 24 hours with NO DRUGS and NO THUGS (Doctors hahaha).  Yes folks you can actually make it through a bug bite, without killing your immune system with those over-prescribed ANTIbiotics / over-the-counter PRESERVE-a-bug Meds.  Over the counter meds may reduce your symptoms, by drying up mucus THAT is necessary in providing flu bugs an EMERGENCY EXIT from your body.  So what happens when the mucus dries up. Your body says, OH NO, we can’t get rid of this BUG now, so we’ll just HOLD ON to it until LATER!  That’s when you realize that you’ve been sick with the same cold for like 2 months – when you could have supported your body flushing it out naturally in just 1- 2 days.  Oh shoot, I got on my soapbox  – Let’s push pause here – CLICK HERE: WATCH MORE ON THIS SUBJECT in this weeks VIDEOblog.

So anyways, my Thanksgiving plans were not looking so good… After spending the entire day DETOXing this bug, I had to decide if I was gonna push myself out of the bed and prepare food (of course I was hyper conscious of not spreading my germs)  OR if I was gonna cancel on my friends and fam.  I thought about it for a moment… I was so fortunate to have friends and fam to share thanksgiving.  I was so fortunate to have money to buy healthy food to prepare for my loved ones.  And I was most fortunate to have folks around me who could appreciate a non-traditional, vegan, thanksgiving dinner.  Soooooooo with so many fortunes on the table, there was no question that I was going to deliver the goods!  In person. In living color.  (hey remember that TV show?)

I put on my music, and before you know it my kitchen was ALIVE with spice, heat and LOVE!  I felt stronger.  I felt happier.  And I swear my nose stopped running almost entirely.  I was so thankful to be able to share!  My JOY became my healing!  Happy thoughts = Happy cells = IMMUNITY BOOST!

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