My Gorgeous Fibroids

Day 4: So apparently I am really great at growing fibroids!  During my last pregnancy, the hormones grew so many large fibroids that my baby couldn’t get down into the pelvis, so he had to be born through my stomach.  There were many twists and turns throughout my pregnancy and birth as a result of those gorgeous fibroids.  Some of you know my story and know that it was a miracle for me to be pregnant.  Jai Ma!!! And so we named him Jai “Victorious One”

Had to take time off my yoga mat.  How did I find my zen?  Signed up for a refreshing low impact, senior citizen water aerobic class at The Culver City Plunge pool and The Jewish Community Center There will be many little surprises during your pregnancy and birth.  It will always be within your grasp to find another path to your zen.  Babies feel what mamas feel, so we don’t have the luxury of stress.  Find another outlet.

loveSometimes babies have to come through the belly.  Stay present with breath.  Hold on to your partner's hand.  Get lost in their eyes.  Talk to your baby.  Tell them what is about to happen.  Listen to good vibe music or guided birth visualization from your ear buds.  You can hold a beautiful space no matter what type of birth.  Yes there is a such thing as a Natural Cesarean!