Maximize space and minimize clutter in your baby’s room

Babies don't need a lot of space.  You can create the perfect little safe haven with just a few key elements.  Get inspired and organize your ideas on Pinterest. Here's how one hip Venice Mama creatively organized her nursery: (paraphrased)

Keya:  How did you go about setting up your nursery?

Venice Mama:  "We have a small home and knew it would be challenging to fit everything into baby's room, so we had to be really creative and efficient with the layout.  I knew we wouldn't be using the closet much, so I thought, let's nix the closet and build out shelving to organize baby's toys."

Keya:  What a great idea!  Big-City Living has many of us living in smaller homes than ideal.  Tips to maximize space with babe is on everyone's radar...  Where did you get baby's furniture?

Venice Mama:  We knew we wanted a well designed matching set, so we went to Bel Bambini, a boutique baby furniture shop in Beverly Hills.

Keya:  I love the pieces you chose!  Beautifully made, yet compact enough to leave space in the room.

Venice Mama:  We also have a small backyard, so we placed hanging plants just outside baby's window to add a hint of nature.

Keya:  What a nice touch.  The room has a great look and feel, but most of all, it's functional.  You have all the stuff you need for baby within arms reach, and that's most important.