Lovin’ my Baby Fat…

Day 1:  The short answer:  I am doing this 7 day  Your Turn Challenge to turn on my writing faucet.  It’s been off for so long that there is rust.  Each day I will polish as I publish until my faucet sparkles and bubbles forth.  My mind goes to all of the things that have gone unsaid…  Should I try to catch my readers up on all missed musings?  The clock ticks.  Baby is away for only a short time, so here goes nothing:

keyaThere is usually around 120 pounds (give or take) on my 5′ 6″ frame.  From both pregnancies, I gained only 20 pounds.  Woohoo for me.  After birthing both babies, I dropped 15 pounds immediately, then gained it back immediately.  Woohoo for me.  I have/had a fantastic breastfeeding relationship with both my boys.  (Seven-month-old & eleven-year-old.)  An ample milk supply and a pudgy little baby boo.  Breastfeeding is known for burning those extra calories and shrinking moms waistline, so why am I packing on the pounds you might ask?   My philosophy right now:  Eat clean most of the time, then have a piece of cake and a sip of wine. 🙂 I don’t keep a scale in my house, because I don’t want to be that person who obsesses over weight.

It got frustrating not being able to fit in anything in my closet, so I bought a few new clothing items.  I think its important for breastfeeding moms to eat quality food when they feel hungry.   This adds up to me eating a lot more than normal.  But I repeat, I have an ample milk supply and a very healthy breastfeeding relationship.  So I’ve gone up a few dress sizes.  Woohoo for me. I’m loving my new curves most of the time.  It’s the New Year, and I feel ready to organize my fitness routine and tone up my tummy.   But if it doesn’t happen right away, I’ll still love me. 🙂

Mamas cut your self some slack.  Stop the excess fast food trips.  Sleep more.  Have good sex often.  Move.  Breathe.  Eat.  Pray.  and Love your baby fat. 🙂