Love is in the Air… Breathe!

Love is a risk not everybody takes.  Yet, it is an undeniable state of being that can fuel a couple's meaning and feed a child's longing.  Getting here is tough.  Staying here is tougher.  Meditation grows a space for love to exist.  Meditation allows for deep inquiry of our own actions.  Meditation builds trust of oneself and the other.  This Saturday, come connect with your partner and your baby through yoga, live music and meditations for the heart.  Love is in the Air… Breathe!

Jewels from the heart designed by my super talented artist friend MasNeena will be available @ 1:30pm @ MOMS AT OM STUDIO.

Most generally safe essential oil spritz during pregnancy, birth and lactation

For calm heart:

20-30 drops of pure therapeutic grade lavender essential oil (Whole Foods, Rainbow Acres)

2-3 oz spray bottle (Target plastic travel size, Whole Foods, Rainbow Acres glass spray bottles)

For joyful heart:

15 drops of lavender*

15 drops of grapefruit/sweet orange oil*

*always use pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Spray them into the air around you.  Breathe!