Keyaʼs 40 Day Healing Journey

Body and Soul Cleansing

By: Keya Nkonoki / September 7, 2010

What Iʼve learned over the past 10 days of rebuilding my system is that less is more. Even when it comes to supplements.




Juice Fasting w/ HO2 Cleanse Day 1: Friday, July 23rd

Had an interesting, emotional day today that ended on a high note.

Day 1: Juice Fasting w/ HO2 Cleanse: I started my juice fast today and got really tired with hunger headaches because I was on the road most of the day. I came home and made kale, watermelon and kiwi juice. I prepared it in my vitamixer then strained through a cheesecloth. I finished the glass and felt my brain tingle. My energy went from 0-10!
I’m already loving this!

Day 2: Saturday July 24th

Did a bunch of reading today- particularly- juice fasting and detoxification by Steve Meyoritz. Still feeling like I didnʼt get in quite enough juice – started getting strong hunger headaches around 11pm – drank more coconut water- was up late. Finally fell asleep then woke up around 5am and made a mad dash for the bathroom. I had that dream – you know the one where you are sitting on the toilet and you start peeing in the dream only to wake up and realize that you actually started peeing a little bit for real! LOL! so thankfully I made it to the bathroom before I had a full on embarrassing adult PEE IN THE BED moment. This juice is very concentrated and it seems to really hit the kidneys and bladder.

Day 3: Sunday July 25th

Woke up feeling dehydrated so got right on it. Prepared about 1 liter of juice of kalespinach celery red pepper beets cucumber and mustards. Drank fresh coconut water.Took 4 ozs of HO2 Tonic. Had a few bowel movements. Danced to break a good sweat.Feeling pretty good. Making plans with my friend Loriann to hit a juice fasting gatheringtonight with other peeps doing a similar program. Gonna hit Whole Foods to pick upMSM (sulfur) for optimum cellular nourishment, mental alertness, plus overall muscle,joint and bone nourishment. Bentonite Clay to place on my feet at night and absorb toxinsthrough my feet. More KALE – A friend reminded me to keep my intake of Kale high foroptimum levels of protein so that I don’t drop too many pounds- A good SUPERGREENpowder for added brain food. Also tonight planning to do an enema. Today still havinglight headaches but better than last night. Feel good energy. Still feel some tightness inmy bowels- been taking my Colon Therapy caps – about 15 per day to help break up oldfecal matter- hope to release a lot tonight with the enema. Been taking my body temperature each morning and noticed a drop in my temperature the past 3 days that I’ve been cleansing. Okay I’m off -gotta make up some flyers for new pregnancy yoga classes I’m starting- to hand out at the local farmers market today.

Evening Day 3: Me and my friend Loriann had an incredibly magical experience with
the phenomenal woman, Teresa Jordan. We went to her house for a juice fasting retreat
session. We drank her delicious fresh juices -we hiked in a beautiful canyon and picked
fragrant sage. She shared her years of experience juice fasting and living a RAW vegan
lifestyle while we soaked in a SALT WATER jacuzzi under the FULL MOON. One word- MAGICAL. I came home feeling so deeply inspired – creative juices flowing. She had the most beautiful art pieces throughout her home that are her signature work – never
been sold- but just priceless pieces. You know how you get that tingly feeling from a
musician, dancer, or artwork that touches you deeply- that’s what I felt…

Day 4: Monday July 26th

Woke up feeling well rested and ready to start the day. Juiced swisschard, spinach, apples, and parsley. This had a nice smooth taste. Also juiced peach, watermelon, and grapefruit. Iʼve read before that watermelon is always supposed to be eaten alone for optimum digestion but I couldnʼt resist experimenting with these flavors. The taste was okay but boy did it pack a punch- instead of a salt water flush – I had a watermelon flush! LOL! (those who have done the master cleanse catch my drift) After several trips to the bathroom my stomach settled. Whatʼs funny is – itʼs been 3 whole days since Iʼve had any
food and yet I am still having bowel movements. One of my friends just juice fasted for close to 30 days and he kept having bowel movements for the entire time- goes to show you just how backed up our 5-6 foot colon is. I am on a writing deadline the next few days for my website designer- so I had to be sort of a hermit in the house on my computer. Feeling EXTREMELY HUNGRY today- in fact- I passed a pizza place and wanted a slice- Iʼm vegan-I havenʼt eaten a slice of cow-cheese pizza in almost 10 years! Got a lot done but I could tell by the end of the night that I had not drank quite enough juice and water because I started
feeling tired, cotton brain, and hungry. I got by most of the day on a coconut water and lemon mixture with MSM that tasted like yummy lemonade without any added  sweeteners. I think Iʼm over all the straining through the vitamixer- gonna look for an economical juicer tomorrow… After a long meeting with my web designer I fell into bed at midnight – used my brain way too much today:-)

Day 5: Tuesday July 27th

Slept right through my alarm this morning. Woke up to my roommate dashing back and forth from the kitchen to her room and back- at least 10 times a minute- and this goes on for about 1-2 hours. I call it her “morning marathon” I wouldnʼt dare to open my door or I would be sure to be run over! LOL! The times that we have crossed paths in the morn- she was visibly out of breath and intense… hence the name “morning marathon” Anyways, my body needed hydration right away because I looked in the mirror and saw very puffy eyes which only happens to me when I get dehydrated or watched a real tear-jerking movie the night before… So I drank a few glasses of alkaline water and juiced kale spinach
apple parsley with a squeeze of lemon. Immediately got a little lift- but still feel OFF. Decided to do a series of water enemas to flush my system of the toxins stirring in my body ending with a final coffee enema. This really jumpstarted my body- YES! I feel back to normal! (actually better than normal:-) Iʼm so glad I chose to start this fast while my schedule is a little more flexible and my son is spending time with his grandparents in Vegas- because the first few days are usually the hardest. Toxins started circulating- my emotions started flaring- so thankful I have the flexibility today to slow down a moment and do the enemas. What a difference! For a minute there I wasnʼt sure if I could continue through the week- afterall- I do have yoga classes to teach and projects to complete and
my son will be home in a few days. Must have ENERGY!!! The funny thing is as much as I preach to my clients the importance of drinking water and doing the enema interventions when you start feeling those cleansing reactions – I WAITED until Day 5 to give myself the enema – I just didnʼt make the time for it and I knew on Day 1 that I wasnʼt drinking enough water- GO FIGURE:-) And you know what my reason is: “Iʼm too busy right now- Iʼll get to it later” So Typical Virgo! Thankfully I have a very free-spirited Sagitarrius (sp?) rising sign to balance my worker-bee virgin tendencies. Okay -enough chatting with
myself- gotta get back to work! LOL!

Day 6: Wednesday July 28th

After being scolded last night from Lori-ann (who is also doing a short juice fast)  for not drinking enough JUICE on my juice fast- I was determined to get in a full gallon today. We compared notes and discovered that she was juicing (8) 20oz glasses as well as drinking about 6-7 fresh coconuts. Yesterday, I juiced (3) 24oz glasses and had about 4 coconuts — not even half of what she is drinking! Now to my credit, she is drinking for TWO because she is nursing her son… But still, I knew instantly this is the reason Iʼve been still feeling so hungry with fluctuating energy. Today was a much much better day! I got in a full gallon of juice and water. In fact, I was drinking so much that I had to fly out of Big Lots to hurry and get home before I had an accident (Big Lots doesnʼt have public restrooms… this is why I am usually at Target:-) As stated earlier – the juice really hits your bladder hard. Iʼve learned to sip slowly so that my body will absorb more instead of gulping it down- but still a gallon is a lot of liquid! Today was the first day I wasnʼt hungry. Sometimes my mouth just wants to chew something though- so I started sucking on fresh peeled ginger and thatʼs been working great. Also been adding 1 lemon to my coconut – for coco-lemonade- this is my dessert and its super charged with electrolytes from both the lemons and the coconuts. Okay. Enough writing. Gotta get up super early tomorrow- so Iʼm off to bed:-)

Day 7: Thursday July 29th

I couldnʼt sleep last night. Stayed up so late that I only got in 3 hours. I thought for sure I was doomed to a sluggish-cranky day but it was far from it! Turns out adrenalin and juice are a good mix:-)

I learned some very important news today that left my head spinning… change, change, change… gonna have to chew on this one-

I thought for sure I would fall into bed early but stayed up until midnight- still buzzin.
Another thing about this juicing thing- I havenʼt slept through the entire night in 7 days because every night I wake up at least twice to go pee.

I did another enema and still had stuff coming out after 7 days of no food!

Day 8: Friday July 30th

Today was great! I woke up at 6am. Juiced fresh grapefruit and coconut water. After a few emails, I was off to join Teresa Jordanʼs juice fasting group.

I missed the group on Wednesday, so I was really looking forward to hiking and drinking Teresaʼs yummy juice recipes! We took a different hike this time that was incredibly picturesque!

We saw over 4 varieties of eucalyptus, black peppercorn trees galore, a blackberry patch and even an olive tree. Of course all of us are juice fasting, so all we could do was look and sniff.

I couldnʼt resist sucking on a fresh peppercorn (which is actually red). It was so sweet and peppery- I savored that for a while- u would think I was sucking on candy! We got back and Teresa juiced arugula, spinach, kale, grapefruit and green apple- it was sour sweet and so tasty!!

In fact I stopped off at Whole Foods on the way home and grabbed some grapefruits and arugula so I could make it again- It was that good! (By the way she has an ebook of her amazing juice recipes at Also picked up some ingredients for another tomato “soup-like” juice recipe that Lori and Teresa suggested to me. I could hardly get in the door before my juicer was out for that one!

Itʼs amazing how excited you get over a simple thing like heirloom tomatoes when juice fasting. I blended arugula, kale, spinach, a fat heirloom tomato, red onion, and garlic. I added a pinch of redmond sea salt to it and OMG! My taste buds were so excited!

It was so good that I almost forgot to add the warm water I had just heated on the side so it could really feel like soup. I ended up adding the warm water to 1 small cup- and surprisingly it tasted better to me “neat” (bartending speak- for un-mixed)

I donʼt know if it was the garlic or the onions- but after drinking down 24ozs of this mixture- my stomach started gurgling!!! Had another flush and a few trips to the bathroom! LOL! My friend Melia has already scolded me for giving way too many details of my bowel movements – so Iʼll try to keep it simple from here on out:-D

This drink was the best one Iʼve had this week, so I will definitely be making it daily (perhaps with less garlic and onion next time:-0)

Iʼm a little nervous about driving to Vegas tomorrow. Going to pick up my son from grandparents- yaaay!!! But I will be out of my element- away from my tools- on the road- while fasting.

But so glad Lori- who is still on her juice fast- is riding with me. Thereʼs strength in numbers! Itʼs gonna get real interesting though when we hit that dessert patch of NOTHINGNESS which = NO BATHROOMS! I suspect both our country-girl roots will kick in big time.

Day 9: Saturday July 31st

After teaching two amazing classes, Lori and I rode to Vegas in the late evening with no traffic. Lori bought fresh coconuts and we drank a few of them along the way. I stopped and bought a V8 tomato juice blend because my body wanted something salty. That was a mistake. Whatever added “natural flavors” were in it as a preservative made my stomach hurt – a dull ache for about an hour after drinking it. I ended up finding some good info much later that advised against drinking bottled juices-especially V8- The fresh coconuts Lori brought really helped give us a nice energy boost that kept us up until our midnight arrival. We did have one or two mad dashes for the rest stop bathroom and had to also pull over once for a SIDE of the ROAD jumpoff. (heehee) We tucked ourselves and the children in the bed immediately.

Day 10: Sunday August 1st

Slept for about 4 hours and were up at 5am loading the car with sleepy kids. Me and Lori were both exhausted but really wanted to beat traffic back to LA. Traffic was smooth all the way there. I stopped an got a chai tea with no added sweeteners or milks- this gave me a little boost and immediately felt good on my stomach. We ran out of those delicious fresh coconuts so I had to resort to my packaged coconut juice. With the fresh coconuts you could feel the effects immediately. Like it goes right into your blood! The packaged ones were not
even close to that effect. And just tasted different- old.

I usually by them fresh but we had a shortage at my supplier downtown (S.S.K) about a month ago, so I resorted to the box. The shortage is over now so definitely going back to fresh ones for sure this week! Also, today had a beautiful bowel movement. It was the prettiest green color and soft but solid and long. (sorry Melia:-)
Got back to LA around 11 and am enjoying my son!

Day 11: Monday, August 2nd

Now today was the real test. Me and my son, Ahser went to the grocery store to buy all the foods and snacks he loves to eat. So now my house is loaded with temptations! When it was just me I only had raw veggies and fruits- so it was easy. Now the fun begins! We get all the food put away and I start on his dinner. Fresh cabbage, fresh corn, fresh carrots w/ rice and pinto beans prepared in a stew of fresh coconut sauce (the meat from all those coconuts we drank over the weekend) w/ jamaican jerk seasonings, onions, garlic and a dash of namo shoyu and a spoon of coconut oil. (learned this recipe from Lori)

Oh man, the smells that came out of this simple dish were intoxicating. I am a cook that likes to taste a little bit along the way- so the hardest part was trying to determine if the flavor was right just based off the smell (Chef Rawsheed taught me this concept years ago– you can find Chef Rawsheed on Facebook under Rawsheed Patton.)

This happens to be one of my favorite dishes! The smell kept my son running in the house asking if it was ready yet. When he sat down to eat it – I watched him take the first bite. I wanted to be sure the flavors were right. My son is a non- stop talker. There was complete silence as he devoured his bowl and asked for seconds! Okay 1 meal down, 999+ more to go…

For dessert he had my experiment with chocolate coconut pudding (gonna have to confer with the experts: Lori and Teresa on this one because he didnʼt like it that much) And I couldnʼt taste it to see what was missing… I got the consistency right and even put it in the freezer for a while so it was chilled. He said it didnʼt taste “chocolatey” enough and it looked like peanut butter. LOL! Maybe cause I did throw in a little bit of carob powder and chia seeds (that could have thrown off the taste) Will work on that one:-)

As far as my juicing, I made grapefruit, arugula, dandelion, spinach, kale, green apple juice in the morning for breakfast. Drank lots of coconut water and apple juice with lemons throughout the day in preparation for my planned liver flush this Saturday. For dinner I made my “tomato soup” juice: carrots, heirloom tomatoes, onions, garlic, kale, spinach, arugula.

This one again flushed me out which was needed because Iʼve been getting bloated from drinking all that apple juice! Got really tired in the evening – could really feel the effects of the garlic and onions killing in my system. Started coughing up We went to bed early- around 9:30. Going to try to rescue a turtle for Ahser tomorrow. Someone please tell me how to change this boys fear of the barbershop! He needs a haircut!

Day 12: Tuesday, August 3rd

Turtle Rescue Mission failed:-( We got to the animal shelter and realized that it was a water turtle. I do not want the added responsibility of cleaning a fish tank or feeding it bugs.

The advantage to the land turtle is it likes to eat lettuce and fruit (no bugs!) I just have to be sure that it is a variety that doesnʼt grow to be HUGE! We are hopeful to locate one soon. I love that fact that they are vegetarians and loyal pets for life – living 50 to even 100 years old! You must take them out of their tanks daily and let them soak up sun and run free through the yard. I feel like this is a good start for my sonʼs first pet.

Today flowed pretty smooth- drank good juices and traveled a lot around town – teaching classes, meeting with clients and picking up my close friend from the airport around midnight. Who knew a Tuesday night at LAX would be super super crowded and hectic? Thankfully my bladder held up until we made it to her house. LOL!

One thing about fasting, if you stay up too late you do start getting the munchies… Luckily I had coconuts in tow to save the day! I LOVE COCONUT WATER!!! Feels like an instant blood transfusion. Gotta get my daily fix. I must go through about 4-6 per day easy.

Day 13: Wednesday, August 4th

Started off the day hiking with my son and Loriʼs family at Fryman Canyon. Very scenic. Had the best talk with my dear friend and big sis Melia today about life love friendship and everything in between. Iʼm always so inspired by our discussions! Some folks just know you better than you know yourself… love you sis!!! (For daily words of inspiration on the state of our world, find her on facebook: melia kai) She is starting Dhejutyʼs famous herbal detox program ( for a second run tomorrow and has decided to do the liver flush with me on Saturday and Sunday.

I warned her that all that apple juice has caused me a lot of bloating and some diarrhea so Iʼm looking forward to the end of 32+oz of apple juice a day:-) and to flush flush flushing whatever is left in my colon and liver out this weekend. Been doing lots more research today on the benefits of juice fasting and have come across some great authors and reference materials. Just ordered a few books that are on the way – I will post once they arrive!

My son Ahser came back addicted to lots of processed food from his very loving grandma and grandpa who spoil him:-) Iʼve stopped asking what he eats while heʼs over there… (sigh) I figure the amount of love he gets from his amazing grandparents has to outweigh the ice-cream cones and fast-food excursions.

Iʼve learned not to be too rigid in my healthy eating practices with my son. We are primarily vegan conscious eaters- but when he is out of my care, I just have to hope some of it sticks with him. I figure heʼll survive a few weeks of bad food. Melia and I got into a whole long discussion about this one today. In the end we agreed that “Home is where the heart is.” Some of the fondest memories I have are of the time spent with my grandparents living on their farm in Alabama.

We ate mostly everything from the farm – eggs, fish, beef, pork, and lots and lots of fruits and veggies. My grandma cooked with lard and put sugar and iodized salt in just about everything but there was so much love in that kitchen that I thrived on this mostly organic diet. When I moved to NY at 8 years old, I began eating processed foods: pizza, pasta, McDonalds Burgers, and much more candy. Combine that poor diet with a very cold, sterile, and strict household (drastically different from my warm loving grandparents) and you get the recipe for ill-health.

Within 1 year, I started having symptoms of hypoglycemia- all that processed food and excessive sugar did not agree with my body. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia just 2 years later, after having continuous fainting spells from age 9-12. Okay, I think that is enough back-story for you to see my point… “Home is where the heart is…” Food prepared and enjoyed in a warm, loving environment where there is lots of laughter carries the strongest vibration! Does your kitchen feel warm and inviting? or cold and sterile? Which do you have more of? LIVE foods in your fridge or dead packaged foods in your cabinets?

If you are a meat eater, I have a saying, “donʼt eat meat in the dark” Be a conscious meat-eater. Yes, Iʼm a vegan animal lover who doesnʼt even like killing ants when they come in my space. But thatʼs me and how Iʼve chosen to live. You do you! But do it consciously. Watch the movies Earthlings at and Food Inc. at so you can really understand why it is so important to your health to purchase your meats from a truly organic source. Also read about the Okinawa diet to learn the proper portions of meat to include in a healthy diet. Americanʼs eat way too much meat!

The Traditional Okinawas in Japan live long (centurians) strong healthy and vibrant on a diet that is predominately plant based with small portions of fresh organic meat from their farms. They also had very active lifestyles within their strong community. They worked, danced, and played together. This diet and lifestyle was quite similar to my life on the farm as a child, which is why even though I ate meat, sugar, and salt- I was never sick. The thing that really jacks us up is all the processed fast foods and isolation from community within our culture. “Home is where the heart is”

So, whether itʼs a healthy green nutritiously delicious smoothie or a mucus- magnifying ice-cream cone- LET LOVE and LAUGHTER REIGN SUPREME- then strive to let the good organic fresh whole foods outweigh the occasional bad stuff. Okay, Iʼm off my soap box for now:-)

For the past few days Iʼve been preparing Ahser healthy smoothies and green juices – giving him the nutrient dense- easily absorbed- kid-friendly HO2 Tonic  along with lots of avocado and spinach sandwiches and home cooked nutritiously delicious stews.

The first day home he complained that my juicer was too loud and made the whole place smell like broccoli. LOL! He made a funny face and screamed Yuck! when I let him taste a little bit. He barely wanted any of the coconut water either. I thought, Oh boy… I have my work cut out for me… must re-awaken his taste buds for “real” food again.

Well, Today he didnʼt complain at all about my juicing and when we went for our neighborhood walk – he gathered a bunch of wild grass and said it was for my
green juice (SO SWEET!) then he asked to taste my juice today- and said it tasted like limes to him. Then he requested I make him his own glass but to add agave syrup to it so it could be a little bit sweeter. I couldnʼt stop smiling after that – I thought, YES- he is coming back to the middle!

Day 14: Thursday, August 5th:

Today I waited a little too long to juice. Woke up early am off only about 4 hours of sleep; last night and had a few coconuts and apple juice in the am. Didnʼt get to start juicing until after 2. Lack of sleep+lack of juice=groggy. Made some yummy tomato soup to perk up my day- also considering a short nap if my son will allow:-)

Didnʼt get to get in a nap but I made to African Dance tonight. Yaaayyy! Omowale and Francis Awe are incredible teachers and healers. This class has been my therapy for the past 3 years. I missed the last few weeks so it felt good to be back. I thought I would be weaker because of the juice fasting but I was actually stronger with more endurance in class tonight than I have been in a while.

Last month my energy levels dropped for a number of reasons… That was the signal for me that it is time to do some deep cleansing work. Anyways, Iʼm still not 100% full throttle, but my body felt good. Let me tell you this class is much more than just a dance class- itʼs a spiritual haven – a real family. We love and support each other. And the live drumming is out of this world. Those drums naturally bring out the primal side.

The class is very diverse attracting a variety of ages, ethnic groups, and body types. We come in all colors, shapes, and sizes with one common goal: to open and allow spirit to move through our bodies. We leave our burdens at the door then shake that thang across the floor. (okay I just got corny:-)

Wanna come have a taste? Facebook: Nigerian Talking Drum Ensemble Address: 6009 Olympic Blvd (near Fairfax) Thursday nights from 7:30-9pm. Bring a piece of material to wrap around your waist and a towel. Be prepared to have fun, move your body and sweat off a few pounds:-)

Day 15: Friday, August 6th:

Went swimming in a salt water pool today with my son. Felt yummy:-)

Day 16: Saturday, August 7th: The LIVER FLUSH pt.1

Today was exciting because Melia and I started our highly anticipated liver flush at 6pm. I packed an overnight bag for me and Ahser to stay at Meliaʼs so that we could do it together. The best part about this is not having to drink all that damn APPLE JUICE anymore! yaay! I arrived with all my cleanse ingredients: castor oil, olive oil, grapefruits, epsom salt. It was a very full day for both of us – running around- completing last minute errands – preparing for our mini- cleanse retreat at her place for Saturday night and all day Sunday. We had to start drinking our epsom salt first- we were both so excited about it that Ahser wanted to drink it too! LOL! There are many liver flush formulas out there- we chose to follow the book by Andreas Moritz. Melia had a colonic only 2 days before so I decided to do an enema to be sure my bowels were completely clear (which is important)
Then after putting Ahser to bed – it was 10:00 and time for us to drink our final mixture of 1/2 cup of olive oil mixed with 1/2 cup of grapefruit juice. The mixture tasted a whole lot like salad dressing and was actually much nicer to drink than that horrible tasting epsom salt! We both toasted each other- guzzled down our drink then scurried in our beds giggling and trying to will ourselves to go to sleep. I donʼt know if it is because the instructions said for us not to talk or what – suddenly I had an outburst of laughter- Melia soon joined in. It was our first time doing this liver flush and were a little nervous on the outcome. We went from laughter to complete silence. The book said to try to sleep through the night but I already suspected I wouldnʼt make it through the night- but I at least hoped to hold the mixture for half hour so it could really do its magic. Melia was the first to jump up and run to the bathroom – only about 15 minutes after our drink. Then I jumped up about 15 minutes after her – I surveyed the toilet for green balls but saw nothing unusual. Melia drifted off to sleep. I jumped up about 5-6 more times through the night releasing fecal matter. Each time I would survey the toilet for the bright green cholesterol balls we were trying to flush out – that are said to be clogged up in most peopleʼs livers. Each time, I would get more and more disappointed at finding nothing unusual…. To be continued…

Day 17: Sunday, August 8th: LIVER FLUSH pt. 2

Finally it was 6am on Sunday and after spending most of my night on the toilet, I sat up groggy eyed. Melia was up before me and had already prepared our dreadful tasting epsom salt- the added lemon juice really helped the taste. We drank our 3rd epsom salt dose and waited to see what would happen next. Melia woke up super nauseous and had already had a release of the toxic green balls. I was a little disappointed that I had all those movements through the night but didnʼt see one.

Melia reminded me that possibly my liver was clean and that I just didnʼt have any. 2 hours went by- Melia kept having bowel movements releasing more and more stones- while I had none. AT 8 am we took our final dose of the epsom salt and I thought for sure now things would get interesting for me. Melia got sleepy and super super nauseous then 15 minutes later was in the bathroom releasing more and more stones of all different sizes. By now, I was frustrated because I could feel this huge bubble of toxins in my stomach and intestines that just wasnʼt coming out.

Then finally I had 1 bowel movement where I just released some chafe (this looks a lot like mucus and it comes from the liver) At 10am we agreed to add another drink to our cleanse- partly because I felt like I was still blocked up and I was tired of doing enemas. We decided to drink 2 ozs of castor oil mixed with 4ozs of grapefruit juice. We both sort of took it easy for a bit- I made us some fresh vegetable and fruit juices for us to drink. Maybe about 5 or 6 hours later I was just beginning to think that the castor oil shot was a waste of time, when it hit me. I ran to the bathroom and released at least 200 pin sized green balls. I was jumping up and down like a little kid- I knew I had them! Man oh man – be careful what you ask for- cuz I stayed on the toilet from about 5pm-midnight –

Every bowel movement I had released hundreds and hundreds of the green balls from the size of the pinhead to the largest ones – the size of a kidney bean. By the end of the night, I was praying for them all to come out soon, because I was starting to feel sore and tender.
Melia went a  lot too and passed a lot more stones as well- But I think I ended up loggin in more toilet time in the end. We were so thankful to have cleared our schedules for the entire day- because we needed it. My son found the whole thing quite entertaining! What an experience!!!!

Day 18: Monday, August 9th:

Believe it or not, I had two bowel movements in the morning that still had a few green liver toxins in them. I thought WOW!!! That castor oil we took really upped the anti…
Plus I started my cycle – so there was a lot of releasing going on. I started to feel a little bit weak-partly because I didnʼt get to juice at all today. I drank coconuts the entire day though along with water. On Sunday, I experimented with drinking raw potato juice (which is highly revered for strong healing properties). It added a nice flavor to my tomato soup, but I wondered if it activated my digestion because around 10pm on Monday night, I started having strong hunger pains. I wanted to eat chocolate. Of course Iʼm surrounded with all my sonʼs favorite snacks- including chocolate. I even started considering eating watermelon, since itʼs 96% water… I toughed it out though and just kept drinking coconuts…

Day 19: Tuesday, August 10th:

This morning I woke up really wanting juice but not enough time to prepare- so drank coconut water for most of the day again… What a wacky day Tuesday has been. The hunger pains subsided but I just spent a whole lot more time than I wanted to driving in traffic. Ahhh! LA traffic is the worst! Plus still on my cycle and so was a little bit irritable today. I also put on a pair of my favorite jeans that normally fit like a glove today and realized that I may have lost a few pounds- my jeans were saggy and not cute:-( I think part of it is the juice fast- but- another big part is that I havenʼt been training my muscles as often as usual. Starting tomorrow I am back on it! Whew, getting sleepy already and itʼs not even midnight yet… Gonna hit the sack:-)

Day 20: Wednesday, August 11th:

Woke up and did a coffee enema this morning. Grabbed a couple of coconuts and was sure I would start to lose energy with- no juice- to charge me for my hike + yoga class today. Felt so great to be out in the fresh air. Did the stairs twice. Had a nice group of friends turn out for yoga. We did a strong practice then went to Leaf in Culver City after. I had an incredible Herbal tea juice blend made with fresh burdock root. I am definitely gonna add that one to my list to pick up at the farmers market. That drink had me buzzing for hours after! By the time I got home I was too tired to juice so continued to drink coconuts but kept getting hungrier and hungrier. I ended up drinking some organic vegetable broth from
the carton. This really hurt my stomach- immediately after drinking it, I could tell it was a mistake… Went to bed frustrated-

Day 21: Thursday, August 12th:

Woke up feeling pretty dehydrated with very puffy eyes. I started off having one of those irritable, accident-prone mornings. I immediately got to juicing! Made a simple arugula, grapefruit cucumber and sweet potato blend that was yummy. Took a leisurely drive with Melia and Ahser out to Oceanside to drop off her friend. When we got back I juiced watermelon, cucumber, plums,and green apples for a sweet treat that we all enjoyed. After yoga class, I juiced tomato, garlic, onion, ginger, celery, sweet potato, cabbage, and added a little warm dulse water to it for a delicious soup. Going to bed with a full belly tonight. What a difference my day has been! Today I was reminded once again that the more  often I juice the more energy I have and the better I feel. I keep checking my mailbox to see if my new juicer has arrived yet. I am really really over hand pressing my juice out through the cheesecloth! I think this is one of the main reasons I started juicing less this week… just not feeling up to doing all the extra work-

Day 22: Friday, August 13th:

Went swimming today with Ahser and his friends in a salt water pool. Ran errands. Stayed well-hydrated. Had a fun night preparing yummy salad for my son to eat with his friend and juicing a few batches while jamming on my ipod speakers. We ended the night watching the family movie UP. We knocked out after the movie. It was a very active day:-)

Day 23: Saturday, August 14th:

Didnʼt sleep so well. Woke up with a cramp in my neck. Made the kids a yummy smoothie that they slurped up delightfully. Off to teach class. Hung out with Melia most of the day – hiking and driving around town. Got hungry but had no juice made. Cheated a little by drinking Meliaʼs seamoss shake made with blended cashews, water, cinnamon and raw chocolate, and agave. It tasted very yummy- by the time I realized there was cashews in it – it was too late. My digestion was reactivated and I started having hunger pains accompanied by bloating and gas.

Day 24: Sunday, August 15th:

Slept soundly. Took a nice soak in the tub before washing my car and going to a belly dance class at the Y with Melia. Still having hunger pains from my slip up the day before. Came home and drank a couple glasses of almond milk w/ carob powder. I think this was too rich too- more bloating. Finally had the ultimate cheat: sucked on Ahserʼs vegetable-based candy sweetened with cane juice. This gave me a horrible sugar rush accompanied by nausea and quickened heart beat. Very BAD IDEA. Went to sleep feeling horrible and counting the days to the end of this juice fast.

Day 25: Monday, August 16th:

Woke up and read Fasting and Eating for Health by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. GREAT BOOK! This book re-committed me to my fast! I was so inspired by reading that I decided to convert to a WATER FAST for the last portion of my cleanse. I will supplement the water with the juice of 1 young green coconut consumed 3 times per day for added electrolytes. I made this decision around 9am and by 3pm started feeling tired sleepy with a light headache. I decided to drink the last cup of juice I had frozen from the day before for an ice treat. This was a mistake because I forgot I added agave sweetener to it – so it just SPIKED my blood sugar and made me nauseous again for about 15 minutes. I guess my modified WATER FAST officially starts tomorrow- After 1 day of mostly water, my headaches have subsided. My hunger pains from Saturdayʼs indulgence in the sea moss shake and candy are also gone now. Been gathering my research all day on the benefits of the great benefits of water fasting. Thinking about trying it out for 7-14 days — Iʼll see how my body responds… I definitely feel called to do this. It feels like the right time. It feels necessary.

Day 26: Tuesday, August 17th: Water Fasting Begins

Slept soundly and woke up off just 5 hours of sleep feeling good. I opened one coconut and added it to about 16 ozs of water then drank down the whole glass. Headed to Sherman Oaks to take a “Shadow Yoga” class at Rising Lotus with my friend Cindiʼs teacher Matt Pensendian. Class was great! Itʼs sort of a fusion of martial arts, tai chi, and yoga. It was just the right slow steady pace for me right now. Donʼt want to expend too much energy. Had a few meetings before heading back home. Started to feel more tired so decided to take a nap before teaching my class later this evening. Anyone that knows me knows how active my days usually are. This fasting journey has really forced me to pare down my
schedule to the bare minimum. Iʼm just grateful that I have the ability to do this right now. It kinda feels like Iʼm preparing myself for something really big…This will be my last post for a while until I end this fast- Maybe Iʼll last 2 days – maybe Iʼll go through the entire 14. Weʼll see how the energy flows. The closest Iʼve come to this is fasting on the Master Cleanse for 21 days in 2006. If completed, I will have fasted for a total of 40 days. Then I will likely spend another 40 days rebuilding and nourishing my system.

Day 27: Wednesday, August 18th: Day 2 of water fast

Last night I experienced some nausea and bloating throughout the night so when I woke up I did a good enema and itʼs crazy that I released hard formed fecal matter in balls. I havenʼt eaten in 27 days and yet Iʼm still passing a lot of hardened fecal matter. WOW! I felt really good after the enema – no more nausea. Then jumped in the shower but I spent too much time in a really warm shower because when I came out I got a little dizzy. I immediately sat down (per Dr. Fuhrmanʼs book) until it passed (a few seconds) then drank some coconut water and took it along with me for my hike to Culver City stairs. I was very
cautious doing the stairs today as it was very hot and I didnʼt want to over exert myself. I normally do 3 -4 times- today I only did once with many stops along the way and sips of coconut water. Then when we got to the top- we did a slow gentle energizing yoga practice under a cool breeze. I felt great afterwards and thankful that my energy levels didnʼt dip. We then took the children for a dip in the pool and went out to eat. When I got inside the restaurant, I could feel my energy sap and knew it was too much stimulation for one day so I politely sat out in the car (as I wasnʼt eating anyway) and the smell of the food was making me nauseous. My son enjoyed his meal with his friends then they dropped us at
home. I took it easy the rest of the night – resting and watching a movie with my son before drifting off to sleep. It wasnʼt a restful sleep. I kept waking up to noises throughout the night and for bathroom runs and nausea along with hot flashes started occuring more intensely than the night before. I thought – “I must really be releasing some toxins now”

Day 28: Thursday, August 19th: Day 3 of water fast

I woke up at the crack of dawn the next morning feeling weak with heart palpatations. I tried not to panic- but my heart beat more and more intensely. I reached for the nearest bottle of water, thinking I may be dehydrated even though I drank a lot yesterday. The water looked cloudy in the bottle- I thought maybe my son mixed some coconuts in there. I took one sip and knew it was definitely not coconuts. I stopped drinking it and breathed through it. I was feeling progressively worse- sweating- with fast fast heartbeat. My son woke up and grabbed me some coconuts. I drank half of it then vomited everything up.
He told me that he had mixed the cloudy water I sipped just before the coconuts with some of the soy chicken nuggets he ate yesterday out at the restaurant. That explains me vomiting. ugggh – all that oil and saturated fat. I called Melia and she came right over insisting that it was time for me to break the fast. She had me put a pinch of cayenne on my tongue to slow down my heart rate. It worked. I drank two more coconuts and started to feel better – though still very weak and dizzy. We went to the store and got fresh watermelon along with oranges. I came home and juiced the oranges- drank down the oj and felt a little better. Still groggy and weak though. Iʼll juice the watermelons later. For now I will do orange juice alternated with watermelon until I can get to a doctor to check
all my vitals and make sure it is still safe for me to fast. I knew going into this that it was a possibility I wouldnʼt make it on just water- but I had to give it a try. Iʼm on day 28 and it looks like Iʼm gonna spend the next 2 days on watermelon and orange juice – then end my fast on Day 30. Converting to a transitional diet of fruit (likely watermelon) then adding fresh raw salad slowly. Iʼm a little disappointed but Iʼm thankful to have my dear friend Melia close by-who has been extremely supportive throughout. Iʼm going to seek a doctor who specializes in therapeutic fasting who can oversee me through my next attempt at doing this- which will be soon… Though it got scary at the end- I could really feel my body metabolizing a lot of old toxic buildup- but I feel like I only scratched the surface. It feels like itʼs time to consciously rebuild and nourish my body…  What a journey this has been! So greatful for the experience and all the lessons learned.

Update: I drank fresh squeezed OJ and coconut water all day and by 4:30pm my energy levels were up and I was feeling great! I tried the watermelon juice but it made my stomach hurt (or it could have been the scoop of honey I ate too…) Gonna wait until Saturday to do the watermelon when i can eat it whole- yum yum-

Day 29: Friday, August 20th: Broke my FAST

After doing a strong STAIRS+YOGA practice, I was really craving a smoothie so decided to begin my transitional diet from juicing to eating whole foods- There is a plethora of information out there on what foods to eat when breaking a fast. I found myself experimenting with them all- The OJ and coconut water worked fantastic for me yesterday and now today I thought that maybe a smoothie would work better than watermelon to break my fast with. Prepared a thick smoothie that was more rich than I anticipated (due to banana and coconut meat addition) I took my first sip. Initially tasted smooth cool and creamy- all the flavors really excited my taste buds. At about half a glass, my stomach started to ache. I thought wow! Iʼve overeaten already? So I sat the rest of the glass in the fridge for later. As the day went on, the stomach ache became more pronounced accompanied by a light headache. I was really irritated. “Why is my tummy so damn sensitive?” This ache lasted for hours and made me not want to eat anything else. I just continued to drink coconut water. I didnʼt even want to look at another orange and I hadnʼt had a bowel movement yet today. hmmm… At about 8pm my stomach ache finally lifted and was followed by a strong strong craving for fresh green salad. It was after sundown and much later than I normally eat but I decided to listen to my body- I made a very small salad of arugula, cabbage, and spinach with fresh corn cut of into tiny little pieces with 1/2 avocado in it and a little sprinkle of dulse flakes on top. I added no dressing, no salt, and no oil. I thought this is probably gonna taste kinda bland… I took my first bite and my entire palate was salivating at all the flavors. I could taste the peppery arugula and the salty spinach with the burst of sweetness from the corn! It was THE BEST SALAD IʼVE EVER HAD! I tried to eat it slowly and chew it very deliberately. Afterwards I sat and waited for my stomach to respond. All was good. No tummy aches. No headaches. No irritation. PURE BLISS. Now I know for my body to break a fast:
Day 1: OJ all day

Day 2: Fresh simple crunchy salad w/ avocado Weʼll see what challenges tomorrow brings…

Day 30: Saturday, August 21st: A day at the BEACH on TRANSITION FOODS

So we went to the beach today. I went with my simple salad and sliced watermelon in tow. I also grabbed a few oranges and bananas. Traffic was horrendous so we didnʼt arrive for 2.5 hours and my stomach was growling for food. I could barely get our towels down before whipping out my salad. I tried to eat slow and deliberate but hunger overtook me and before I knew it I was scraping the bowl:-( I waited about 45 minutes before grabbing the watermelon. I was trying to space out feedings and keep my rations small but before I knew it- I felt like I was overeating and could feel my stomach gurgling by the time we packed up to go home.

When I got home, I started feeling hungry again so i made another small salad but this  time with a whole avocado. This made it too rich. After eating, I began to feel queasy.  Started getting irritated again. Damn! Here we go again… I decided to make a warm cup of tea with almond milk to help settle my stomach. It helped a little. Went to bed feeling frustrated and wondering what I would eat tomorrow…

Day 31: Sunday, August 22nd: My friends Birthday Dinner @ Life Food Organics

Woke up like I was back at square one and was just plain afraid to eat anything. My stomach was starting to bloat. I decided to add some probiotics in today. Took 1 Megaflora capsule then ate a few slices of watermelon for breakfast with my son. This felt okay to eat but my body was starting to crave greens. I still havenʼt received my new juicer yet or I would just juice something for myself and it felt too early to eat the salad… Talked to Loriann about what foods she used to transition off of her juice fast. She recommended soaking dried fruit (particularly prunes) and drinking the juice in order to get the bowels going. Mine had not moved at all yesterday or today and I was starting to feel constipated. I looked around for what dried fruits I had. I threw some dried peaches and dried mangos
in the blender with almond milk about 3 dates, a handful of ice and 1 probiotic capsule. It made a peach milkshake that tasted INCREDIBLE! I was a little nervous about drinking it after my experience with the smoothie a few days earlier so I decided to take a small sip and wait to see how my stomach responded. ALL GOOD! YES! I was off to celebrate my friends birthday with my yummy peach shake in tow:-) We drove a bit but finally decided on Life Food Organics for an early dinner. When I arrived I told the guy at the counter I was just coming off a fast and needed to eat light things that were easy to digest. He recommended the seaweed salad, sprouted wild rice, and coconut yogurt for dessert. The seaweed salad melted in my mouth and felt great in my stomach. The sprouted rice took some adjusting to because it was a little too spicey. And the grain was crunchier than I liked… By the time I finished off the yogurt, I started to feel too full… By the time I got home later that night my stomach was tight and super BLOATED. I was so frustrated! This road back to eating is proving to be a major challenge for me. I decided to go within about it. Sleep on it. Then wake up with a fresh perspective.

Day 32: Monday, August 23rd: Rebuilding…

I didnʼt sleep enough. Woke up groggy and BLOATED from yesterdayʼs birthday dinner. I knew I had to do something fast or I would lose my desire to eat. I had a small bowel movement but knew there was way more backed up in there. I decided to flush it out with castor oil. I drank 2 ozs of castor oil and 2 ozs of grapefruit juice.

For more information on the magical effects of castor oil both internally and externally go to: The 2ozs of castor is the recommended dose for a complete flush of your system. It is recommended to  drink it in the morning prior to eating and to began drinking warm tea a few hours after you drink the concoction. Diet post mini-flush should be light.

It is good to do this to the system 1 time per month or 1 time every 2 months. When I did the 2ozs it almost seemed like too much – next time Iʼll probably do 1 ounce or 1 1/2
ounce. Did a strong stairs+yoga practice then came home nauseous. My stomach was bubbling. I drank a few cups of warm soothing tea then I spent the next 3 hours in the bathroom on the toilet releasing massive quantities of fecal matter. (where was all this stuff coming from?) I could see the undigested sprouted rice in there – then I finally got to where it was just clear water coming out. I was all cleaned out. The nausea went away and I just craved greens! All I wanted was warm greens. Every place in town that prepares them uses a ton of spices that my stomach canʼt handle right now- so I made a trip to the grocery to pick up some kale and potatoes. Came home and boiled red potatoes while I
steamed kale and spinach on top. I mashed up potatoes with finely cut steamed kale and spinach and sprinkled fresh corn kernels on top. A few shakes of kelp and dulse flakes and 1/2 avocado for oil. I again thought this is gonna be really bland… It was delicious! The flavor was soft and subtle and the consistency was right on! I knew my body just couldnʼt handle anything raw. I tried a few slices of watermelon and they went right through me into the toilet. A salad would do the same. My body needed that starchy potato and warmed greens to literally STOP the FLOW. It worked. After slowly eating a small bowl, my stomach was satisfied and comforted. Even my nerves felt soothed by this food. And the best part was I didnʼt overeat so there was no BLOATING or belching or gurgling
sounds after. Just pure CALM. Yes! Iʼm going to bed early tonight. Tomorrow is going to be a good belly day!

Day 33: Tuesday, August 24th: Rebuilding…

Had a good belly day today. 🙂 Continued to eat light mostly raw salads with more warm potatoes and steamed veggies. Full moon today and definitely feeling the energy of fullness. Spent most of the day registering for classes- going back to school! Headed to jamba juice and had a acai dairy and sugar free fruit smoothie along with warm steel cut oats and a banana. This lasted me for most of the day and felt good on my stomach. Thing flowed surprisingly smooth at school and then headed off to teach a yoga class before retiring for the night.

Day 34: Wednesday, August 25th: Rebuilding…

Stairs + Yoga practice was invigorating! Doing it earlier in the day felt fantastic! Still ended up getting a little too much sun though. My nose started peeling just a little. (that never happens:-( Missing my coconut water this week- didnʼt make it downtown- Took a few extra probiotics (MegaFlora brand) and then I ended up heading to Govindas to have a plain salad with no dressing along with steamed brown rice and veggies (no oil) Again- this tasted surprisingly good given there was no oil.

I ate a small portion and then was off to tackle my very full day- Ended up visiting an incredible Eco-Village style vegetarian, communal, solar powered, grey water equipped home in Pomona with my son. Great energy there- Ahser loved it! and I ate a great tasty fresh salad with no dressing and no oil along with a baked potato. After this meal, I started feeling some rumblings in my stomach. I think my body is done with starch now. No more potato and rice for a while… The other thing Iʼm noticing is that I keep getting more bloated after taking the probiotic. I think it may be too concentrated for me right now- Gonna start juicing again so I can get the probiotics and enzymes naturally through the
food- Havenʼt juiced since Sunday- mostly because I am packing and getting ready to move in just a few days- excited about using my new juicer in my new kitchen!

Day 36: Thursday, August 26th: Rebuilding…

Today was a hectic over-filled day. I ate japanese rice, miso soup, and lots and lots of salads… Still feeling more and more bloated. After about 2:00 stopped eating because my stomach is reacting to almost everything I eat. By the end of the night was super super exhausted- took two classes- taught 3 in a row

Day 37: Friday, August 27th: Rebuilding…

Woke up irritated on 2 hours of sleep with a very frustrated belly. Decided to drink power green smoothies today and just lay off food for now until my stomach settles a bit. It doesnʼt matter what I eat- raw salads, fruit or cooked potatoes – my stomach is highly reactive. By the evening I realized that Iʼm probably a little dehydrated again because ever since I stopped juicing – I have only been drinking a few liters of water per day – much less than what I was drinking while fasting. I think I just got tired of drinking. Once food was introduced, all Iʼve wanted to do is CHEW. Ha!

Day 38: Saturday, August 28th: Rebuilding…

I woke up this morning well rested and with a song in my heart. Started drinking water and tea right away then went downtown to buy coconuts and have been drinking coconuts and eating coconut meat all day. I made a bowl of cashew cereal that was so-ooo good! A handful of cashews, 1 sliced banana, a small handful of himalayan raisins, a small sprinkle of cacao nibs, and a sprinkle of unsweetened cherries. I poured almond milk over it and ate it with a spoon – was the best RAW, un-processed cereal I ever ate! Today is a good belly day! No bloating or cramping.

Had one main meal of cooked ginger collard greens – romaine lettuce- lentil soup (first day adding beans) and today is a good belly day- YES! – the coconuts are just incredible! Canʼt
wait to start juicing again next week after I move- Today is the first day my stomach feels almost 100% back to normal. Had good bowel movements today- were green and formed (no undigested food present)

Day 39: Sunday, August 29th: Rebuilding…

Had good bowel movement this morning first thing. Drank a few fresh coconuts. Drank fresh prune juice from 10 soaked prunes that I soaked overnight. Ate fresh coconut meat with a very light sprinkle of cinnamon and himalayan seasalt. Had my cashew cacao cereal from yesterday. Yummy! so delicious! Slept well. Cut my sonʼs hair- first time using clippers- but came out better than I expected. My barber friend told me to get good quality clippers and keep a steady hand with the right size guard- I used Andis brand professional clippers- they were a little pricier than the Conairs at the drug store but very easy to use.
Got work on my website. Today is a good day:-)

Day 40: Monday, August 30th: Rebuilding…

What Iʼve learned over the past 10 days of rebuilding my system is that less is more. Even when it comes to supplements. Gonna stick with eating mostly raw foods- lots of daily fresh green juicing- fresh coconuts along with 1 major meal each day that may include a little bit of soaked cooked grains and legumes. (if my system will tolerate) For now, I donʼt plan to go 100% raw because I donʼt want to be that strict with my eating. But I do plan to daily incorporate more and more raw vibrant whole foods – with a small portion of cooked foods included within 1 major meal each day. I do also plan to stay away from ALL packaged, processed, dead foods, fried foods, soy meats and treats, SUGAR and excessive “natural” sweeteners, excessive SALTED and OILY foods. I want to keep my palate pure and sensitive
to the subtle flavors naturally present in foods and herbs in their fresh natural state. This is a huge step for me because I have always been a cook married to all my dried seasonings and kitchen spices. Some things I will still use in moderation and other things I will have to let go of completely (like excessive salt and soy sauces). Plan to include even more fresh herbs like basil, parsley, cilantro, bay leaf, etc to further awaken the taste buds:-)

This is an exciting journey and I am open to all the possibilities! Looking forward to many experiments in my kitchen healing laboratory. Some do best blindly following a book or someone elseʼs theories- I have always been a person to learn by doing- by experimenting, researching, and listening to my body for the final verdict. I guess that makes me a lifelong student, researcher, and explorer into the vast alchemy of healing. I hope some person out there has found my very random thoughts, challenges, and triumphs in healing- helpful. Out.

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