How to get your baby to sleep MORE!

Sleep is a very hot topic among parents of little ones.  Trying almost everything to get that baby to sleep for longer stretches.  Cry it outGentle Alternatives to Cry it out.  Night time routines that incorporate massaging your baby. etc…

All of these methods work, but what your doctor may not tell you... is there is new research showing that Essential Fatty Acids found in fish oil, flax seed oil, walnuts and fish (salmon and tuna) support better sleep patterns in children and babes.

Some of you know that my 7-month-old baby, Jai 3, is an amazing sleeper.  Since two months old, he has taken long naps during the day and sleeps through the night [unless cutting a new tooth 🙂 ].  After reading this article about essential fatty acids, I am a believer!  Very early on in my pregnancy, I saw a naturopath to provide me with holistic care to complement my OB.  She gave me the golden advice of consuming 1000mg of DHA.

Good quality DHA in that quantity is very pricey!  I took around 800mg a day and made up for the difference by eating salmon twice a week and walnuts every day.  I am breastfeeding now and still take around 500mg of DHA every day.  I might run out of vitamins, but I never miss DHA. I was vegan for 13 years and started eating salmon this pregnancy, because I felt my baby needed more. Listen to your body. Trust your instincts.