Essentials + Birth Prep


I will provide virtual support for your pregnancy and  birth at home or in the hospital, and provide you with ongoing labor support until baby arrives.

What to expect



This package combines the Doula Essentials Package with (3) ADDITIONAL Private Birth Prep Classes + (1) Additional Bonus Class (as shown below)

Package Details


In our FIRST visit, we will review your intake forms and get to know you and your partner.  Your strengths.  Your fears.  Your birth wishes. We will discuss nutrition and how to cultivate a holistic pregnancy.

In our SECOND visit, we will discuss all of your birth options and create Your BIRTH PREFERENCES.  A shared google doc will be created shortly after this visit, for you and your partner to edit and review.  

In our THIRD visit, we will extensively review the ANATOMY of Labor and Childbirth BASICS (includes 75 page childbirth education manual.) Partner Present if possible.   

In our FOURTH VISIT, we will have a RESTORATIVE PRIVATE PRENATAL YOGA (Partner Optional) session tailored to your needs - to address any discomfort in your body as your pregnancy continues.

Our FIFTH visit (Partner Optional around week 34 or 35) we will learn basic BREATHING and SOUNDING techniques, CREATE your BIRTH ANCHORS and BIRTH AFFIRMATION (SELF HYPNOSIS).

In our BIRTH REHEARSAL Visit (around week 34 or 35 - with Partner present if possible) we briefly review the Stages of Labor and practice a variety of comfort measures, hand adjustments, massage, and labor rehearsal.  We will discover your best ways of coping with pain and fatigue and learn the best ways for your partner and I to support you.

In our last prenatal visit, we will meet with your OB/Midwife to discuss your BIRTH PREFERENCES (around week 36 or 37).   

I will attend your birth at home or in the hospital, and provide you with ongoing labor support during the Active Phase of your labor.  

After your birth, I will come to your home for (1) Postnatal Visit (75-90 minutes). In our POSTPARTUM VISIT, we will check in on how you are feeling, review the birth, admire your baby, and I will provide you with education/resources/support, and get feedback from you about my role as your Doula.  

Our last private visit will be (1) Private Postpartum Yoga session via Zoom around 6-8 weeks postpartum (w/ clearance from your OB/Midwife).


A TOTAL OF 10 VISITS (7 prenatal visits + 3 postpartum visits)

*This Package eliminates the need for signing up for any other childbirth education.*

Request a free consultation

Birth Doula Consultation (phone/video)

30 Min.

This consultation is for couples curious about having a doula. Recommend watching the "Do You Doula" video on the Home page prior to our meeting. We will meet and discuss your birth preferences, answer any questions, and see if we are a good fit for each other.


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