Don’t be scared of the SNAKE!

The New Year

By: Keya Nkonoki / January 26, 2013

This year will be all about Spiritual Transformation -- like a snake shedding its old skin, so that new, fresh ways of being can be exposed.

Thanks to years of conditioning, most of us tighten up at the mere thought of a SNAKE.  And yet in many eastern cultures, this reptile is highly revered.  Hey, I’m not saying go out there and find a WILD SNAKE to make your house pet! LOL!! Chances are you will get bitten!  What I’m saying is to allow your brain to take in what the SNAKE represents.
Why is this important you might ask?  Well, according to Chinese Astrologers, we are entering into a LUNAR NEW YEAR on Sunday, Feb. 10th (just 2 weeks from now) and this will be a Year of the Water Snake!  Last Year was the Year of the Water Dragon which brought out our DEEPEST DREAMS and DESIRES in a MIRACULOUS and MAGICAL way.

This year will be all about SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION — like a snake shedding its OLD SKIN, so that NEW, FRESH ways of being can be EXPOSED.  In many ways it’s the YEAR of the KUNDALINI!  Kundalini energy is all about awakening the ENERGETIC SERPENT that lies fast asleep at the base of the Spine… We set our devotional intention to uncover layer upon layer of OLD SKIN, so that one day our BRIGHT SHINY RADIANT TRUE selves comes forth.  Once we get a glimpse of our light, we become HOOKED and naturally discipline ourselves to keep up a spiritual practice that feeds our RADIANT body, so that more and more we embrace our DARK in order to rise into the LIGHT.

I invite you to come experience a very SPECIAL KUNDALINI YOGA CLASS with me in CELEBRATION of the LUNAR NEW YEAR! on Sunday, February 10th (The actual DAY of the Lunar New Year) @ 7pm @ MOMS AT OM Studio.
 Bring a special journal to PLANT A SHINY SEED for how you plan to use this INCREDIBLY TRANSFORMATIVE energy of the WATER SNAKE in 2013.  So for those of you who weren’t so thrilled with how you SPENT your transition from Dec. 31st 2012 to Jan. 1st 2013 , now’s your chance to GET IT RIGHT and BRIGHT!! Haha 🙂
The LUNAR NEW YEAR comes to US this year on the DAY OF THE SUN (Sunday) — a perfect BALANCE.  A perfect time for us to HARMONIZE our goals, purposeful aspirations and spiritual longing.  I hope to see you all there!
Some of you know that I am entering into this NEW CYCLE in GRATITUDE and CELEBRATION of my RECENT ENGAGEMENT to my LIFE PARTNER on this spiritual journey. 🙂 Yep, Keya and Randy are getting married in just a few months!  So let’s get together to LAUGH, LOVE and CELEBRATE ALL OUR NEW BEGINNINGS in this CYCLE.
Now, MOMS AT OM STUDIO runs a TIGHT SHIP – so as ELATED and JOYFUL as we will all be – when class ends at 8:30pm, we will need to pack up and move out quickly.  So, for those of you who want to continue our CELEBRATION – we’ll be taking a short ride over to RAHEL’s VEGAN CUISINE in Little Ethiopia (Fairfax between Pico & Olympic) for some TASTY Ethiopian food.
Much love and blessings to you all!
Hope you are enjoying this RAINY Saturday as much as I am!

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