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About Deborah

Continuum Movement teacher Deborah Raoult is dedicated to liberating the innate wisdom of the Body. She has been passionately immersed in the practice, teaching and integration of yoga, somatic movement and meditation for over three decades. Deborah explores the dynamics of breath and motion as gateways to awakening, communication and compassion. 


Her teaching offers a way to heal and transform our relationship to body, community and Nature. In her Continuum Movement workshops she weaves the autonomy of self exploration with the dynamics of group inquiry through the Way of Council. Her unique understanding of the metaphors of conception, gestation, birth and renewal has been developed through practice and teaching women at the transformative thresholds of pregnancy, early mothering and menopause.


Invited in as a Continuum teacher in 2000, she has both assisted and co-taught with Continuum founder and developers Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper. 


A certified Practitioner of Body-Mind Centering movement education, her training in yoga has been in the Iyengar tradition with senior teachers and the Iyengar family in Pune, India. Deborah co-founded the yoga and movement center, Open Sky, in upstate New York. In addition, she has taught at the Yoga Journal Conference in Estes Park, Colorado on Fluid Movement and Yoga and been a frequent presenter at the internationally reknowned SOMAfest in Los Angeles.


After raising three children, Deborah now teaches in the greater Los Angeles area,. She spends as much time as she can with her horses in the high desert. Her personal practice and teaching continues to expand and be refined through horses’ teaching on uplifted energy and Wild Beauty.

Class Size

Each semi-private workshop will have a maximum of seven participants to assure quality of attention from the instructor.  Registration is now open.


What to expect


*limited to 7 participants, registration now open* 

Making Room for Birth 
A three part workshop series (women only) You will learn a unique program of exercises and movements to release the psoas muscle complex, open the shoulders, and strengthen the upper back. These exercises integrated with diaphragmatic and pelvic breathing can result in more freedom and balance in the torso for optimal health and happiness for you and your growing baby.

Tuesday evenings 6:00-8:00pm​ Sept. 24th, Oct. 1st & 8th

Awakening the Pelvis with Physio Ball 

In this workshop we will explore innovative ways to find release and support during your pregnancy through traction, release, strength and motion. These practices can serve now and later during your labor! Don’t wait until labor to make friends with the ball!

Saturday     2:30-5:30pm Oct 5th

Opening the Inner Body to Birth

This workshop is an introduction to ways of exploring breath, sound, and fluid movement as vibrant resources to help you respond to the energy of labor and connect to your baby.

Saturdays     2:30-5:30pm 

Pt. 1: Oct. 12th & 19th

Pt. 2: Nov. 9th & 16th

Restorative Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation for Pregnancy
This workshop series is for women who need inner retreat time for nourishment  of body and soul. The practice will offer a special sequence of restorative (resting supported) yoga poses ideal for pregnant women and their growing babies, and an introduction to supine (lying down), seated, and walking mindfulness meditation. Each participant will receive a notebook to support home practice.
Tuesday evenings 6:00-8:00pm  Nov. 5th, 12th, & 19th
Pregnancy & The Journey of the Heart pt. 1 & 2
In an era where many women are learning about birth through blogs and power points do you long to take the time to listen deeply to the call of the journey? Through poetry and story, and the exploration of the Labriynth we will find ways to discover and participate fully in the initiation of birth in a Circle of Women.
Saturdays 2:30pm -5:30pm

Pt. 1: Dec. 7th & 14th

Pt. 2: January 11th & 18th




All questions about workshop content can be directed to

Deborah at 310-625-3739 or


Class Schedule

Restorative Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation for Pregnancy w/ Deborah Raoult *WOMEN ONLY*
Tuesdays Nov. 5th, 12th, & 19th @ 6:00pm MOMS AT OM MAR VISTA
Pregnancy & The Journey of the Heart w/ Deborah Raoult- PART 2 *WOMEN ONLY*
Saturday January 11th & 18th @ 2:30pm MOMS AT OM MAR VISTA
Pregnancy & The Journey of the Heart w/ Deborah Raoult - PART 1 *WOMEN ONLY*
Saturday Dec. 7th & 14th @ 2:30pm MOMS AT OM MAR VISTA
Partners At OM YOGA DATE w/ Keya - Sep 2019
Saturday 9/28 @ 1:00pm - 4:00pm MOMS AT OM MAR VISTA
Partners At Om Birth Prep w/ Keya Oct. 2019
Saturday 10/26 & 11/2 @ 1:00pm - 4:00pm MOMS AT OM Mar Vista
Opening the Inner Body to Birth w/ Deborah Raoult - PART 2 *women only*
Saturdays Nov. 9th & 16th @ 2:30pm MOMS AT OM MAR VISTA
Opening the Inner Body to Birth w/ Deborah Raoult - PART 1 *WOMEN ONLY*
Saturdays Oct. 12th & 19th @ 2:30pm MOMS AT OM MAR VISTA
MOMS AT OM™️ 50 hr Prenatal Teacher Training (November 2019)
November 18th-24th (Week Intensive) @ 9:30am-4:30pm MOMS AT OM MAR VISTA
Making Room for Birth w/ Deborah Raoult *WOMEN ONLY*
Tuesdays Sept. 24th, Oct. 1st & 8th @ 6:00pm MOMS AT OM MAR VISTA
Awakening the Pelvis with the Physio Ball w/ Deborah Raoult
Saturday Oct 5th, 2019 @ 1:30pm MOMS AT OM MAR VISTA


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