Blessingway + Sexual Wellness Post Baby!

I had the pleasure of attending a very special Blessingway recently!  Maybe you've heard of them?  A Modern Blessingway  has its roots in the Navajo tradition.  A select group of women gather to honor the new pregnant mama through ritual, words of encouragement, meaningful gifts and pampering.  The Baby Shower is about the baby.  The Blessingway is about the mama-to-be!

Check out these  new guidelines  shifting doctor's to encourage more patience and longer labors in order to avoid Cesarean Birth!  Thanks to Lauren M. for sharing the info!

Excited to Announce that Zoe Etkin Sexual & Reproductive Wellness Coach, will be joining our POSTNATAL AT OM BODYSHOP Level 2 THIS SUNDAY Feb. 28th 3pm -5pm!! JUST THREE SPACES LEFT!!!

CALLING ALL FEBRUARY BABES!  Please email me if you had your baby this month and would like to share with the group.

I hope to see you on your mat soon. 🙂