Birth Anchor Bliss…

Don't underestimate the power of birth anchors:  Sound; Touch; Sight; Smell.  A spritz of pure lavender water.  A special rock, bead or crystal to hold in your hand during a contraction.  An inspiring piece of artwork to gaze upon in between contractions.  A room filled with music that lifts the soul.  Go for one or ALL OF THE ABOVE and place them with your birthing essentials.  Better yet, use them now so they are activated, charged up and full of your intention!  Many of you have asked for my music playlist in class. Have a listen here: YOGA INTRO MIX!  

What did you find useful as a birth anchor at your birth?   

Get ready for a playful prenatal flow on Saturday for more space in the diaphragm and ribcage!  With more goodies coming your way in Sunday's classes. 🙂  Here's where I'm teaching!   

I hope to see you on your mat soon. 🙂