About Us

MOMS AT OM is a Yoga + Wellness Community specialized in supporting those who identify as womxn, pregnant persons, postpartum persons, partners, moms, and dads through the very vulnerable time of fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, parenting, and peri/post-menopause.

We provide therapeutic yoga, movement, and breath work that centers womxn, pregnant & postpartum persons.  We provide virtual doula coaching, and yoga infused childbirth education. 

We aim to create safe inclusive spaces for BIPOC, persons of all sizes and shapes, persons who are single by choice or partnered, persons who are neurodiverse or differently-abled,LGBTQIA, persons from all walks of life and all faiths, to feel welcome, seen, and held sacred on the mat-whether in-person, or online.  

Our mission is to guide each person, step-by-step, with compassionate connection, along their journey in creating life, in pregnancy, in birth, in postpartum, in parenting, in joy, so they can live their best life in health as wealth.

Keya Nkonoki

Owner, Women’s Yoga Specialist

Keya is a birth doula, pregnancy coach, women's yoga specialist, mother of two boys, and Owner of MOMS AT OM - an online pregnancy yoga studio.  

She has been passionately serving women- supporting hundreds of families as a pregnancy yoga coach- offering a variety of wellness programs since pivoting careers, after the birth of her first son in 2003.

Keya loves spending quiet time in nature and hanging out with her family.

Laela Tate

OM Guest Expert

Originally from Metro-Detroit, MI, Laela relocated to California in 2014. She has a 200 hr certification in Vinyasa Yoga from Yoga Salt and a 50 hr Prenatal Yoga Certification from MOMS AT OM.

Laela enjoys teaching pregnant mamas, beginners, middle school students, and works privately with athletes for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Additionally, she hosts Wellness Yoga Events with a focus on plant-based eating, yoga, & essential oils.

Her classes are an athletic, mindful flow, suitable for all levels. She will inspire you with her bright smiles and warm easy going energy.

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Lauren Dalke Matthews

OM Guest Expert

Lauren is STOTT Pilates & Yoga Alliance Prenatal/ Postpartum Yoga certified, a Hypnobabies doula, and has a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, and movement theory.

A firm believer in the importance of mind-body connection and the holistic benefits of this work, Lauren infuses her teaching with enthusiasm, humor and a personal connection that communicates her faith in the importance and joy of healthy movement.

She believes that Pilates and Yoga are transformative and empowering, lending clients a deep sense of agency in their own physical and personal experience, whatever that may mean for them.

Constance Hartwell

OM Guest Expert

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Constance is a Yoga and Meditation Teacher specialized in Vinyasa Flow, Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Restorative Yoga.

She contributes regularly to various Yoga Teacher Trainings, including MOMS AT OM Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Trainings. She has been practicing for over a decade and yoga has given her valuable tools to help manage years of depression. Her aim is to share her practice in hopes of helping others find their own special magic.

She loves cooking vegan food, spending time at the beach, and reading philosophical fiction.

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