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Archive for January 2015

Do you trust your doctor?

Trust your gut when it comes to these things…  But if you must stay, balance the equation. Find a warm, friendly childbirth educator, birth doula, psychotherapist, etc to give you the emotional support and nurturing you need.

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Lemon Kissed Skin

Then BAM, when we least expect it, the ice melts and our lemons turn into lemonade. Fresh lemons in your water every day keeps your liver happy and your skin glowing.

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My Gorgeous Fibroids

Stay present with breath.  Hold on to your partner’s hand.  Get lost in their eyes.  Talk to your baby. Tell them what is about to happen.  Listen to good vibe music or guided birth visualization from your ear buds.

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Safe Abdominal Exercise — Postpartum

I’m thankful to be teaching in one of the best Pilates & Movement Studios on the West side with kick-ass teachers who have shared a wealth of information with me on diastasis, including how to diagnose and rehabilitate it.

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Hump-Day Treat

Ayurvedic Abhyanga self massage is a simple and sweet hump-day treat — good for your head, your heart, your skin and your feet.

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